Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Feet

2 Little feet in my face

2 Little feet lay across my chest

2 Little feet in my back

Some may think I'm crazy that I have 2 little feet on me or poking me in my back or side but to me I know it's just my baby sleeping with me.

Not every night do we do this but even when I get no sleep because 2 little feet wake me constantly I know my baby is safe he is happy he is content he is with me.

I kiss those 2 little feet because they are so sweet, I may tickle those little feet to make them move just a smige. And I smile because for now they are 2 little feet!

One day those 2 little feet will be big they won't be in my bed! One day those 2 little feet will be off to kindergarten and then to middle, high school and then in a blink of an eye those two little feet will walk across a stage to accept a diploma and those 2 little feet will drive off!

Those 2 little feet will one day have a pair of feet to complement them and then one day those 4 feet will have their own set of 2 little feet in their face and in their back! Slow down time please slow down for my baby is almost 1!

I am not ready for those 2 little feet to grow so fast! It is hard to not be tired  &  not complain when you have a restless night of sleep but last night as I laid in my bed with those 2 little feet I realized how fast those 2 little feet are growing and it mad me stop and think just enjoy your restless nights for one day they will be gone and you will wish you had them back.

Soon I will be sending 2 feet to kindergarten and I realized how fast those feet grew. Last night I was lucky to have 4 feet in my bed & I almost wanted to wake my other to have all 6 of those little feet in my bed!

My kids are growing way too fast & I do not like it! Though they drive me crazy many days one day they will all leave me and I will miss them driving me crazy.

So right now I will enjoy little feet in my bed I will enjoy them in my face, I will enjoy the sweet smell of their little feet.  I will tickle and kiss those little feet because too quickly they will be big!



  1. This makes me want to cry. It's so true and so sweet. Well written!!

  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster award because you have an awesome blog! Check it out http://mommysrambles.blogspot.com/2013/03/woohoo-award.html