Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gallbladder Nightmare Part 2

So yesterday I left off finishing with talking about the wonderful NG tube! I actually tried to pull it out in my sleep! I had nightmares because of that awful thing! the nurse had to come in & shove it back in thank goodness I only pulled it out a little!

If you want to read from the start here is Part 1

So let's get to Wednesday the next surgery day:

Wednesday- Was the 2nd surgery day I'm in horrible pain from the leaking bile felt like I was being stabbed where my gallbladder used to be, I'm now throwing up from the stupid NG tube haven't had a real shower or washed my hair in 4 day's I felt disgusting & gross!

Finally at 2pm I'm taken down to surgery I had to use a bed pan to go to the bathroom (probably the most degrading thing ever to pee in a pan & have someone wipe you).  I get rolled back in to the OR & I'm thinking at this point my life's over (yes I know that's morbid but after all that I'd been through I was terrified that this time I was not waking up).

I wake up in my hospital room & see my husband mumble something & pass back out! I was so in & out of it! (oh they said they were going to take the NG tube out well guess what I woke up with it still in!) Now I also have a fun drainage tube!! Nothing like seeing a tube come out of your stomach & draining nasty fluid into a squeeze bottle BLAH!!!!!

I had nurses coming in and out & draining the tube & checking on me I barley slept! wasn't allowed to eat. (though I didn't want to anyways) I felt the worst I have ever felt in my entire life!

Thursday- I woke up feeling much better & got great news that the NG tube was coming out! I was so happy because that thing was worse then the drainage tube! So they pull that out (again completely awake) It hurts like heck & then my nose started gushing blood! AWESOME! My poor dad sitting there watching all of this! I felt bad for him he also was there when they put the tube in. I probably took a couple of years of his life that week because I could see the stress & worry in his face!

Once the tube was out I could talk & I instantly felt better, my nose stopped bleeding & I could resume a liquid diet (broth & jello & Popsicles oh boy).  I got to speak with the surgeons & apparently everything went well the stint in place & the wash out went well. Apparently there was quite a bit of bile.

My dad & husband would switch on and off coming to visit me while the other stayed with the boy's! I had to say goodbye to my dad that night because he was flying back home Friday early in the morning! None of us had anticipated for everything to go so wrong or we would have planned to have him stay longer. He didn't want to leave, I felt bad!

Friday- I was going to be able to go home!!!! 2 amazing nursing students washed my hair for me because at this point it was a greasy nasty mess! I felt like a different person after they washed my hair for me.  The surgeon came back in & told me before I left they were also going to remove the drainage tube because the stint was doing its job.

Again fully awake & not medicated they cut my stitches & had to pull the tube out of my stomach it was kind of a creepy weird feeling & also hurt! Really didn't enjoy feeling something sliding past my insides! I sat there breathing like I was breathing through a contraction! Finally out & I was glad that was over.  I was now able to have a meal of regular food they brought me French Toast & pineapple. It was like the best thing ever seeing as how I hadn't eaten anything normal in a week.

After going over all my discharge papers I was able to call the hubby to come get me. Finally I got to feel the sun on my face & see all of my boys!!! They were all yelling momma it was a great feeling. I missed them all so much! It was nice to be home in my own house & in my own bed.

I've been taking it easy since Friday, the hubby has been AMAZING as always!! He completely took over all chores cooking cleaning you name it he did it! Truly blessed to have him! If I tried to do stuff he would stop me. I'm finally feeling more like myself & it's been great.

I had a follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wed. & she took off my bandages & said things were healing well! I'm horribly bruised but at least no sign of infection or anything. She said the pains I am still having are normal & hopefully will go away soon. Now I have a follow up apt to talk about having the stint removed FUN FUN NOT!

I want to take a minute to tell you never take a Nurse for granted always be kind! They work so hard & I had some of the best people taking care of me & going out of their way to make me feel better. I had one lady who sat by my bed & just talked to me for a bit she would call me baby. She was the sweetest woman! I am amazed at the care they gave me & how nice they all were to me! They all told me I was a pleasure to take care of I made sure to thank them all every time they check on me!

Their job is far from easy they do so much & see so much yet they never make you feel ashamed its normal to them. I appreciate all their help & well wishes! Please make sure you thank a nurse whenever you or a loved one is being taken care of they deserve it!

Will keep you posted on the stint removal though I really was hoping it would be a bit longer before I saw the inside of another surgeons office Sigh*

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gallbladder Surgery Turned Nightmare!!!

For those who didn't know I was in the hospital last week here's why:

So I had some issues with my stomach after a trip to Urgent Care & the ER & then to my primary Dr they found out it was my Gallbladder apparently mine only functioned at 8% and they said it needed to go!

I was fine with that I wanted to not feel sick to my stomach & not have horrible attacks & pains if I ate certain foods. I knew quite a few people that had theirs out & seemed to heal pretty quick. The surgeon said it was a routine procedure & after a couple day's I should be just fine. (Boy were they WRONG)

August 15th (Thursday) surgery day I was nervous about being put under as the only other surgery I ever had was my adenoids out when I was 2 so I remember nothing. I had 3 boys at home that needed me so I had to heal quick. Luckily my dad flew down to help us all out! Well I wake up in recovery and they said everything went great so couple hours later & home I went.

I was in horrible pain my back was killing me, I had this awful pain in my shoulders. I could not eat or sleep. I read and talked to some friends and it sounded like I was having pains from the gas that they pump into you to see to be able to remove the gallbladder ok well Ice packs it was & I'd have to have my husband or my dad rub my shoulders.

Friday- still not feeling so good & now I cant use the bathroom figured it was from the pain killers, I pretty much was a hermit & hid in my bedroom because I couldn't tolerate noise. My husband was trying to get me to eat. I'd eat like a bite or 2 of something and push it away! I did a lot of sleeping that day.

Saturday- it was my dad I and the 2 lil's they were napping hubby was running some errands when I just couldn't take much more and called the surgeon he said since I was so young I shouldn't be having such issues & suggested I go to the ER to have some tests run. So after a CT scan a CAT scan & a bunch of blood work they decided I was just really backed up & had a big air pocket in my intestine & needed different pain meds to help. So I was ordered to start drinking Mirilax even though I already had been & it was not helping at all.

Sunday- The surgeon called me to ask how I felt I said still the same he told me to come into the office first thing in the am for an appointment my abdomen was now swollen out & I looked 3-4 months pregnant.

Monday- I go into the office (my dad drove me & he stayed in the car with the kids) I walking as slow as a snail because I was in so much pain. To find out my bowels were shutting down (why I could not go to the bathroom). So I was being admitted back into the hospital. My best friend took me in because I didn't want my dad to have to drag all 3 of the boys in and she stayed with me till my husband got there (he had went into work). I had a 1 1/2 hour test run on me had blood work & an IV put in. Medicine to help stimulate my bowels which finally worked woohoo!!

Tuesday- I was feeling better & was going to the bathroom. The Surgeon comes in and asks how are you feeling I said better & I'm going to the bathroom (I figured I would be home that night) She looks at me says "That's great unfortunately it's not the end of the road for you" WAIT WAHT??? She told me I had a Leak and was going to need a endoscopy to put a stint in! Oh joy! So she called down few hours later a Dr comes up & tells me it's a very easy procedure & they don't fully put you under & that they put a tube down your throat with a camera & then thread a stint in there.

So couple hours later I'm downstairs getting prepped for that & back I go I remember the Dr explaining it all & then I was in recovery! Thank god it over... Wait, wait nope it's NOT!

Apparently I moved too much & they could not do the procedure so they were going to have to fully knock me out the next day to do the procedure are you FREAKING kidding me!!! Under 3 times in a week! Then my surgeon who took my gallbladder out suggested that since I was already going under maybe she should just go back in wash me out & insert a drainage tube. Also suggested that I have a NG tube put it to suck out any air or bile currently in my stomach!

So Tuesday at 9pm I had a lovely tube shoved down through my nose that went down my throat & into my stomach & yes I was fully awake during this chocking & it hurt. It was awful I could barley move my face b/c it would make the tube hurt my nose & it hurt to swallow & felt like I had this huge lump in my throat.

Here is a pic of the NG tube & the crap it was taking out if you have a weak stomach you may want to pass on looking!! I'm ending this part here & will continue the rest of the awful adventure tomorrow!!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mom I'll Be Fine

So yesterday I sent my first born off to Kindergarten it was rough (well for me). My husband was so super excited for A to start his journey in school & A was so excited to go he had his backpack packed and ready to go!!

Unfortunately due to me being in the hospital I missed his orientation & I was in big crocodile tears over it. Daddy took him and met his teacher & they explored the school. Thankfully I was out of the hospital in time to be able to walk him into school on his first day.

A knew Exactly where to go! I was so impressed as I saw many other children wandering lost not sure & people guiding them where they needed to be. Not A though A was guiding me," here mom this way look for this color sign mom & then we turn".

"Here mom were here"!! Wait, wait let me take a picture before you go in & I get "MOM" oh man he's grown he doesn't need me :(

He walked right in said hello to his teacher right to his table took his backpack off & clipped it to his chair & it hit me SLAP! Guess what your baby is grown! He knows what he is doing he is smart & prepared & excited he's got this!!

I held back my tears because he was so happy & excited A told me "mom don't cry I'll be fine" SIGH yes son yes you will be fine I realize that you are more ready for this than me & I have to let go!

When we picked him up he had the hugest smile on his face & told us all about school and how much he loved it & he could not wait to go back tomorrow. It made me so happy yet I wished he'd of missed me.

Today was tough for me as well because he did not want me to walk him in he wanted to get out in the carpool lane! Who is this kid? Seriously! We were there a little too early so I ended up getting to walk him in hehe but I got "Mom I will be fine". Again it hits me I really have to let go he is not a baby anymore. So I told him ok tomorrow I will not walk you in I will let you get out in carpool line!

I will let him be big & let him be grown because it is what he wants I will take a step back & let go a little even though it hurts! I need to let him be independent. He can do this I know the child I raised. It's just hard to let go. But when he needs me for a scrape or a bump or anything else oh I'll be there full force.

Here are some pics of A's first day & a cake that the Hub's & I made for him to celebrate him starting Kindergarten!!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coach Purse Give Away

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Good Luck!!

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Friday, August 16, 2013


Today I'd like to take a minute to say thank you! Thank you to all that follow my blog & follow My Little Circus & Me on Facebook.

I'd like to thank those that take the time to leave me a comment I truly appreciate it.

I'd like to thank those who have messaged me or left me kind words or prayers for my surgery.

I'd like to thank you all it means a lot :)

I'm so Thankful my dad flew down to stay here with the boy's and help out while I recover & Thank my husband for taking over cleaning & cooking & making sure I'm comfortable.

I'm truly blessed to have such awesome men in my life & such wonderful friends & people who care. It's refreshing to see all the kindness people have.

So thanks to all that have thought of me!

Most important thanks to the big man for hearing my prayer's & getting me through surgery so I could hug my babies!

Yesterday was pretty bad pain wise today is not much better but I'm just Thankful to be here & see my sweet boy's!



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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Letter To My Boys....

Ok so I'm having my Gallbladder surgery today (lil nervous) . Now because I have never had a surgery as an adult (I had my adenoids out at 2) I don't know what to expect & that makes me uneasy!
Do I think I will be fine YES! Do I think I'm going to Die NO! But you never know! I know it's a simple surgery & pretty much everyone & their mother has had it done it seems. But still just in case the worst happens I want my Boy's to have this So....

Dear Boys: My heart & my soul! The 3 most important things to me in my whole entire life!
I want you to know how much I LOVE you All!! I want you to know that I Love each one of you the same & could not be happier to have you call me mom! You are true blessings!
 Though there are day's you make me yell & I want to pull my hair out. You have even heard me say "That's It I Quit" or "I'm Running Away" Just know I never meant that. I could never "quit" or "run away" from any of you! I love you all far too much! All 3 of you are equally important to me & all equally special to me.

A: Oh A my 1st born the one who made me a momma! Do you know I waited 2 long years for you?(well more like 3 once finally pregnant). I thought at one point I'd never have you & when I just about lost hope, I found out you were growing in my belly! I thought at one point I was going to lose you, you gave me quite a scare. My pregnancy with you was one of the roughest & scariest times, because all I wanted was you to be safe & healthy!

Did you know I knew you were a boy? I did I could feel it! I was ecstatic I hoped you were a boy! & when I saw your picture to confirm what I already knew & felt I cried because I was so happy!! You were happy & healthy & growing! You wanted out you tried to come 7 weeks early & that was scary I did what the Dr told me quit my job & laid around to protect you! 4 weeks later you were born & when they put you on my chest it was the best day of my life!! You were crying I was crying! I was a mom all because of you!

A: You are an amazingly smart boy & you are my sweetheart everyday you hug & kiss me & tell me you love me! You Love baseball & wrestling & dressing up as a superhero to "save the world" One day you may just save the world! You can be stubborn & want things your way, but we usually can come to a compromise. Don't be too stubborn because you can not always have things you way.
 I know that whatever you chose to do in life you will do amazing. Keep your passion for Baseball  because you are great at it & boy you may just end up in the big leagues! I Love you A just know I always have & always will.

B: Oh B you crazy, wild, goofy child you!! You son can just about drive me to the brink of crazy!! You never slow down! You make me laugh daily you are so funny! You are also a sweet snugly boy! Your eyes oh B your eyes they are such amazing little eyes that tell how you are always thinking.  You son are also very smart!! Your little mind is going a million miles a minute! I know you will do amazing things one day. I also know you will make an amazing father one day you love babies & animals (mainly ducks).  You love to build things & knock them down. Maybe you will become a builder? But I can also see you playing football because you son are a bruiser & are tough!

B: Just know even in the day's when I put you in time out & you said "I no Like you momma" it didn't bother me it's normal,  you had to learn NO! It is hard to tell you no sometimes because your so stinking cute. But you need to learn I know what's best for you & everything I did for you was out of love! I Love you B just know I always have & always will!!

C: Oh C my precious sweet laid back blessing!! You son were a complete surprise, at first I was scared I didn't think I was ready for you! But the day you were born I knew you were meant to be here.  You have taught me to balance like I never have! You have taught me that my mother instinct is always right!! You have taught me that I could never imagine life without you! You had me scared like I have never been in my life when you got sick! You taught me I can't live without your sweet self! You son completed this family! I know some day's are hard for you cause I can see your still sore from the KD.  It will be stayed on top up & you will have a normal life sweet boy.

C: I know you will go far in life you already have a great personality, everyone that meets you instantly falls for you! Stay the sweet boy you are. You love to kick balls around I think you should try soccer some day. I Love you C I always have & always will

Boy's : Some day's you are the best of friends & others you are at each other's throats! Please never let anyone or anything come between you! Even when your in a fight you 3 still have a bond like I've never seen before. You are each other's best friends. You will have one another for life to share ups & downs & to lean on one another. Support each other, be there for each other. Be each other's biggest fan's. It's what I want for you all! 

Boy's NEVER let anyone tell you, you can't do something! Because I know you all can do whatever you put your mind too. Always think before you act! Make good choices & do the right thing. Be nice to everyone you never know what someone else is struggling with, however do not let people take advantage of your kindness.

My sweet silly crazy boy's I Love you with all my heart!! And am so proud to call you mine! I'm one proud momma and will love you all Forever!!

Your Mommy-
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Danish? Pastry? Yummy!!

So you know how I had that big tub of Blueberries? Well I also had to use them for this yummy treat!! My husband absolutely LOVES this!! It's now a regular weekend breakfast for him. But being the nice wife I am (cough cough) I made it for him to have for breakfast for a couple mornings before work! (now I have the upper hand hahaha)

So I had found the original recipe on Pinterest it was for a blackberry one but we love our blueberries so I switched it! You can find the original recipe Here

But I'll also be nice & break it down here with tutorial of how I make it

So what you need is:

For filling:

1-can Pillsbury crescent rolls (spend the extra cents & do Pillsbury seriously I've tried diff store brands but for this it comes out best with Pillsbury)

1 8oz-pack cream cheese (softened)

3-Tbsp flour

1-tsp vanilla

1/2-cup sugar

1-Cup blueberries

For Icing:

1/2-cup powdered sugar

1/8-tsp vanilla

2-Tbsp heavy cream (or milk)

*Preheat oven to 375

*Roll out crescent roll dough & spread on baking sheet make sure to pinch all the dough together where you would normally separate to make crescent rolls

Beat cream cheese & sugar add vanilla & then flour spread on top of crescent rolls & top with blueberries


Next comes the fun part making it pretty: Ok so what you need to do is overlap the sides & pinch it together if any of the dough starts to separate just pinch it closed

Now that it's oven ready pop it in bake for 15-20 minutes till its nice & golden then take it out let it cool & drizzle the icing over & TADA!!! A super yummy tasty Danish or Pastry whichever you call it!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Mischievious Monday

It's that time again Hosted by : Southern Mess Moms

So here is my mischievous post:

The other day the boy's were all out playing in the yard & my husband was outside with a ladder trying to do something when I hear my oldest yelling mom he's pooping!

WHAT??? B is pooping in the yard!

Sure enough there is my 2 almost 3 year old squatting in the grass taking a dump! Really? I know peeing outside is "Normal" for boy's but taking a poop! Oh My! Too make it worse my dog tried to go eat it (Gross I know) I had to yell at her & then take a plastic bag & pick it up as if I was picking up after my dog! OH BOYS!!

Now it's time to Link up yours:
Mischievous Mondays

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breastfeeding..I did if you don't.. So What!

Now with the whole week of Breastfeeding I've have seen a lot of status & posts & controversy!

First I will say I breastfed all of my boy's. I was lucky to be able to feed them all for their first year. And when I say Lucky I mean LUCKY!! Not everyone can do it! Not everyone wants to do it!

It's ok I support you!! I support you in whatever way you chose to feed your child. I support mom's too many tear each other down. WHY? Does it  make you feel better cause it shouldn't! Why should you care how another mother feeds her child? It's none of your DAMN business.

If you want to help do it in a nice way not a way that makes another mom feel bad (there is far too much aggression sometimes)

I was formula fed so was my husband so were my niece & nephew 2 of the smartest kids I know! Seriously they are!!

I chose to breastfeed I don't know why I guess honestly mainly because we were young didn't make much & it was free!! I got lucky it was Easy for ME! My kids latched my kids didn't make me bleed until they had teeth (ya that sucked) I didn't like pumping it was too much work & I could barely get anything out! Had I not had such an easy time I may have chose formula.

There is so much animosity on this subject breast feeders hate formula feeders or formula feeders hate breast feeders (well some  not all for each of these).

I have friends that formula feed and friends the breast feed I don't think either mom is a "better mom" for how they chose to feed their child! I look at the love and over all care for the child.

I'd like to help if  I can if you want to try breast feeding :

*Did you know a baby actually sucks harder than any pump? (cause I didn't at first)

I used to think I was drying up at times at first you can feel yourself fill up later you don't so it causes stress & it's scary! Stress can affect your supply.
* I drank a TON of water!!
*I ate Oatmeal
* I made Lactation cookies & those all helped ME! (they may not work for everyone)

It's what I chose & worked for me if it didn't for you it's fine! Your not a bad mom because you chose formula & I'm not a bad mom for breastfeeding! If you choose  to breastfeed longer than a year good for you (don't call them bad mom's either).

We all do what works for us & our kids. Why do you think there is the saying "Too Each Their Own" I don't understand why some people care so much what another mom does. Seriously get off your high horse! I don't give 2 you know what's, what you do if your kid is fed, loved & taken care of that is what matters!

Some mom's just need to keep their noses out of other mom's business. We are women we should support each other & build one another up & help each other. Not belittle & tear one another down!

So to the mom that formula fed I SUPPORT YOU!
To the breastfeeding mom I SUPPORT YOU!
To the extended breastfeeding mom I SUPPORT YOU!

Happy Breastfeeding week now can we all just Get Along?

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Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

So I actually make pulled pork quite often I usually use a bottle of our favorite BBQ sauce Sweet Baby Ray's & then add a small can of shredded pineapple with the juice to it. Super yummy!!

Sometimes I forget pineapple & just use BBQ sauce & a little apple juice!!

Well I got bored of that recipe & was looking for another I had found this Root Beer Pulled Pork on Pinterest of course & it's funny shortly after I found that one of my girlfriends had recommended that to another friend so I figured it must be good! So I decided to give it a whorl & it was so YUMMMY!!! Here is the original recipe I found on Pinterest  Root Beer Pulled Pork

We don't really drink soda so I didn't want to get a pack of cans to just use one so I just got a 2lt & I actually just about filled my crock pot with the soda it about covered the small pork loin maybe 3-4lbs.
I forgot to put it in during the morning so I ended cooking mine for 4 hours on high! So easy just cook it in the soda then pull the pork out, dump the soda, shred  the pork & put back in crock pot turn to WARM & smother in BBQ sauce. Serve when ready!!

My kids ate their whole sandwiches tonight I think this may top my other recipe for awhile :)

I actually got another meal out of this we made Pork tacos 2 nights later! I was a little skeptical because if it's not "normal" to me I tend to stray away my husband really wanted to try them so we loaded some warmed tortilla shells with the meat some lettuce, cheese (I also used shredded carrot) & topped with salsa & it was delicious!!!

I love getting 2 meals out of something & it's even better when it's not exactly the same thing.

Have you ever made either? If not try it :)


Friday, August 9, 2013

Robin Hood Saves The Princess & A Suprise

So today (well yesterday when you read this) started as any normal day at this Circus!! Wake up to hear little footsteps! Look at the clock 6:30! Really Kid?? You were just sleeping till 8 everyday while on vacation but now that were home your back up at the bum crack of dawn! Oh well that's life!

Get up get the coffee pot started & make the Milk cups 3. Two have to have a little chocolate syrup (thanks dear husband for addicting our children to that) but the baby is not going down that road! Get them each a little bowl of dry cereal, they like to snack while I'm making their actual breakfast! Today was mini bagels & bananas. Get the baby changed & now they are all eating & watching Mickey Mouse.

Ok time for mommy to wake up. Coffee!!!! Little Internet & eat something. Then let the day begin....

So it was pouring rain here at one point today so that meant not going outside & we had been running all week to apts & such so today was lazy day anyways perfect day to rain. Except inside all day makes my boy's a lil CRAZY!! We played Legos & built with blocks & knocked down towers. The BFF came over with my godson & I held that sweet boy cause I had MISSED his chunky butt!! Well after lunch & a ton of laughs the BFF & sweet boy left! Naps were over & once again needed something to do!

People always ask me having 3 boy's if I am going to try for a Girl um I wasn't trying for my 3rd thanks! So NO!!! Wait HELL NO! I am beyond happy with my 3 blessings! I could not be happier. I get the but you can't do their hair...

 Actually I spike my son's hair problem solved!

You can't play Tea Party nope but we can play trucks & dinos & smash crap WAY more fun!

You can't play dress up.... UM actually I can! Insert Robin Hood & the Princess folks!

My boy's love putting on costumes! They Love to be super hero's & save the world!! Sometimes I am a super hero too & we save the world together! Today I asked can I be a princess??

A said "mom I don't have a princess costume"

Have no fear son mommy's got one! So I dressed up as the princess & A as Robin Hood & he had to save me from a huge black panther & a forest of dinosaurs! He came running with his foam hammer & he smashed them all to rescue the princess from her chair cave!!! He had a blast his brothers laughing & running along with him!

We all know boy's love their momma & even at a young age are protective of them so they were all for helping save mommy & if it meant running jumping & smashing too yep sold Awesome mom in their eyes today!

        A & I after he saved me!! (that's the crown from my wedding I'm not a total whack-a-doodle)

Later they were able to play outside which allowed me to get dinner prepped!

So onto that SURPRISE: well after I got the baby up from his second nap I changed him he had a bit of a rash so I figured ok let him air dry for a few! Well then I got distracted by something & then I started washing some dishes & as I'm standing at the sink I smell something.... Is that poop? Hmm.. Oh well I do need to take the trash out that has to be it!

Nope.. Nope.. that poop smell is pretty strong & then I see little naked butt cheeks crap! I forgot I never put a diaper back on him so now I'm looking for it... Yep there it lies on the floor POOP! A nice big old Turd! Face Palm! Thankfully it was on the wood & not on carpet! So ya I need to not be so scatter brained! I have a serious problem starting something & then moving to something else.

So that was our day! Have you ever had a poop incident? Do you play dress up with your kids?
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blueberry Streusel Cake

So I made this the other day & it was AMAZING!!! My kids were chowing it down were some big blueberry lovers here!! I usually buy the small packs but it makes no sense because we are always needing more so a couple days ago day we got one of those huge packs. The kids have been eating them for breakfast or lunch.

I noticed a couple getting yucky & I figured ok time to use these blueberries before they go bad I decided I wanted to make a cake because I like cake & it's so good with coffee. My best friend had made a blueberry streusel bread not too long ago so it's what gave me the idea

So here's what I did:

For the cake:
2-cups flour
1-cup white sugar
4-Tbs butter room temperature
2- tsp baking powder
1/2-cup milk
1/2-tsp salt
1-tsp vanilla
2-cups blueberries

For topping:
1/2-cup brown sugar
1/3-cup flour
4-Tbsp butter
2-tsp cinnamon

*Pre heat oven to 375

*Butter a 9x13in pan

*Combine all the topping ingredients to make a crumb like texture set aside

*Combine flour, baking powder, salt in one bowl

*In separate bowl cream sugar & butter together, add egg & vanilla

*Mix flour mixture into sugar mixture slowly & add milk gradually

*Stir in blueberries & spread into pan, add topping mixture & Bake 30-35 minutes

                                                                Ready for the oven

                                                             Ready to eat!!!


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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Whats with the Junk?

Ok so what is it with Men & boy's always grabbing their junk? Am I the only one that notices this? Please tell me I'm not! Maybe because I live in a house filled of testosterone I notice the silly antics of guy's more? Maybe I'm to observant either way....

I mean seriously they start young grabbing their stuff in the tub or the second you take the diaper off & bam straight to their goods! Drives me crazy!! They are little & I get they are like gee what is that?

Then we have Men the ones out in public with their hands down their pants! Some just standing there with their hand down their pants why? Is it really necessary?

Then there is my husband Mr. no shame he adjusts himself everywhere! REALLY??? I'm always asking him what the hell is wrong with you stop fixing your stuff geesh!

Then I see Men doing the leg shake you know the one where they are standing there and all of a sudden they kick their leg out & shake it. Come on! I don't get it & I guess I never will because I'm not a man! (Thank goodness) . The leg shake reminds me of a dog like when you scratch them & their leg twitches it's kind of funny!! I've literally seen men do this in public.

Can this be compared to picking a wedgie? I dunno I know I don't do that in public because I'm terrified for someone to see LOL!

I feel like guy's are more confident? Like oh well I got to fix this so deal with it. I envy them for that I suppose I feel like girl's are always way more worried what other's will think.  However I now take back all those times I thought gee must be nice to be a man & pee wherever & not have to worry about peeing on yourself. Um I'll take peeing on myself over hands down my pants & doing the shaky leg dance.

The other day my 5yr old was doing a kind of leg shake thing & being all weird I asked "What in the world are you doing?"

His response "My balls are stuck to my leg" OMG! Did he really just say that? Good grief! I don't know how to deal with that or what to say to that. But guess what I have 3 well 4 counting my husband to deal with! UGH! Guess I'd better invest stock in Gold Bond powder!

So I suppose I'd better get used to the shaky leg dance the self adjusting in public & the standing with their hands down their pants because I'm stuck with these whack-a-doodles for the rest of my life!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Like Me On Facebook Hop

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The Banana Dance

Ok so my kids are obsessed yes obsessed with this damn Banana Dance!

What is the Banana Dance you ask? Well it's this little cartoon banana dancing & singing & then he rips off his peal swings it around & you see his banana butt cheeks!! (it's pretty damn funny) I think my kids reaction to it is even funnier probably why we watch it a million times!

How did we find said Banana Dance you ask? Well do you know the PB Jelly song?

 If so you have probably seen that dancing Banana well the other "Banana dance" showed up on the side of You Tube & we were like what's that?

 So we clicked it & never should have because my children are addicted to it! B screams for the dancing Nena (that's what he calls bananas). He then rips off his shirt throws it & says "get out of here you Nena" (the kid is crazy)

So with out further ado here is the damn Dancing Banana that has me singing this damn song day after day! I apologize in advance because it will be stuck in your head!

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Monday, August 5, 2013


How did this all start click Here to find out!!

The Grouchy Military Mom Diaries gave me a Blogasm!! (sounds so wrong right?) LOL but honestly I am so honored!! It really made my day!! Another reason I love to blog you meet so many amazing women who lift each other up & are supportive & helpful!! It's pretty awesome, it's like another little family :) So now it's time to pass this on too.....

                                           Unconventional Mommy Tails


Southern Mess Moms
I really enjoy reading your blog & find you super funny!! I love people that tell it like it is!! Hope you enjoy & Have a wonderful day!! Make sure you pass this on :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mischievous Monday Blog Hop

I'm super excited to be co-hosting my first Blog Hop under Southern Mess Moms: Since the title is Mischievous Monday I figured I share about my sneaky little 14 month old! We made cupcakes today & I put them in the fridge so the frosting would not melt off well every time anyone opened the fridge that little stinker hauled butt and climbed up to grab frosting off a cupcake! We had to laugh because he's so cute & he thought he was hilarious he would give us a big cheesy mouth covered in frosting smile!
Don't forget to Tweet, Share & Pin the Hop!! :)
Mischievous Monday Blog Hop
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Fire Station Tour!!

My younger brother is a volunteer firefighter, he's following in the footsteps of our late Grandpa & I couldn't be prouder of him.

While we were home visiting he wanted to take the boy's to go see the truck's, if you have boy's or are around little boy's well you know they Love truck's!! A & B were so super excited to go see the Fire Truck's with Uncle D

So here is our tour of the fire station :

                                                      Wearing their Uncle D's Fire Hat

                            A truck my Grandpa used to drive A got to pretend to drive

                                                  A's favorite truck the Ladder truck!

It was also B's favoriate

We had to sit in every truck of course! When we went in the ambulance I said I hope this is the only time were ever in one. 

A really enjoyed pretending to drive!

This was one of my favorite pictures of the day the

So there is a little glimpse of our day at the Fire station! The boy's had an amazing time & I did too it was neat to see my brother talk & explain all the different things.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

DIY Chicken Wire Picture Frame

I was shopping at Michael's one day & found this silver frame on clearance for $5 it was so cute I couldn't resist it. I had no idea what I would do with it so it sat in my closet for awhile.

I used to have a really big bed frame with a huge cast iron headboard it was beautiful but our taste changed so we sold it. We'd love to build a wooden pallet head board but with trying to sell the house we figured we should wait. So above my bed was a blank empty wall BORING!!

So I knew I needed to put that frame there. I have seen chicken wire frame's for sale & some are pretty pricey I figured why buy one when I can make one :)

So off to Lowe's I went to get supplies:

Staple gun & a roll of chicken wire hubby already had wire cutter's in his tool box. I stapled the first part of wire on and then cut the amount I needed! I got a little staple happy but oh well at least I know it's on there good.

I wanted to clip pictures to it but decided for showing purposes people didn't want to be staring at pictures of us so I came up with the idea of "Sweet Dreams" above the bed

I found little luggage tags at Michael's then cut off the top & used a stencil & sponged on the paint. I then used mini clothes pins to clip it to the chicken wire. I still think I'd prefer pictures but it works for now & at least there is not just a plain wall.

Oh & I used command strips to hang it that way no holes to patch!!

What do you think? Have you ever used chicken wire for a DIY project?
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