Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sitcom City

I've said it before I need my own show!! Seriously I can't make up the stories of my life if I tried!! It's like a sitcom here and almost on a daily basis!!

I know it's been quite awhile since I've blogged & life has been anything but dull to say the least!! If I can recall some of the other craziness that has gone on around here I will share but right now I feel like I'm living in a blur!

Today I have a funny story well a couple actually!! Today started an easy chill morning I had a few of my closest girl friends over for some coffee & muffins & strawberry bread (it's delicious & I will share the recipe soon). Anyhow we had a lot of laughs the boys actually napped while the girls were here they were up early this am so then they crashed.

Well after they woke up & entertained everyone with their cuteness, it was time to say goodbye the girls left & my real life began... the life behind closed doors that not everyone sees! See.. everyone always says my kids are so cute & so well behaved boy do they have people fooled!!!

As I'm cleaning up from the get together I realize Brycen & Carsen (who is 1 now & walking & into everything ) have disappeared this is never a good thing!!! Where could they be you ask?? Whelp momma forgot to shut her bathroom door & in the bathroom were 2 toilet monsters! Yep folks splish splashing in the potty water SWEET!!! As I run in yelling Noooo I slip on all the water they splashed out do a split (haven't done one since eh.. Senior yr in high school about 11 yrs ago) & smash my knee it was awesome NOT! The boy's were laughing funny funny mommy fell!!

So get that mess cleaned up & lunch done & all that fun well now its time for Carsen's second nap so down he goes & what did mommy forget to do again yep close the bathroom door Dammit!

There sits Brycen covered in toothpaste & toilet paper! Why??? "look mommy lotion" -Um no son that's not lotion & you now smell like a peppermint candy & your sticky time to rinse your booty off!!!

So we get that taken care of. Play some super hero's, have a visit from the Bug man because mommy does not do Bugs it's about summer time & the creepy crawlers are coming out! He told me I had a village of children made me laugh!! Probably because they were coming out of every room one at a time.
 Scary I'm sure!! sometimes they scare me I feel taken over some days! Makes me kind of wish I was an octopus with 8 arms (imagine the things you could get done).

Well then its time to prep dinner & then play some more & then the dramatics set in Brycen decides to shove a ball in a toy that it does not belong in & guess what?? It's stuck & he is freaking! Daddy has a job when he gets home ;) Then Carsen decides Brycen's juice cup looks good & he's thirsty so why not take a drink & oh man it's on don't mess with the boy's juice.

At this point I found myself singing in an Opera voice! Yep sometimes when things get too crazy I sing high pitched maybe to block out the whining? Maybe because in some weird way it distresses' me? I dunno but it helps! So ya I do that & they all look at me like your crazy & hurting my ears hahah I suppose the day glass shatters that method will be over with but for now it works :)

What do you do when things get too crazy? Do you run? Hide? Sing?

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