Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yesterday's Adventure

So yesterday I had to take all 3 boy's grocery shopping no big deal right? Well normally I went while the boy's were in preschool so I only had the baby!

Aiden likes to egg Brycen on & they end up running circles or fighting or something! I had to do a huge trip yesterday our cupboards were like bare it was sad!
  So I loaded up all 3 and off to Base we went. If you didn't already know my husband is a Marine so I have the luxury of shopping on Base at the commissary. It's great a lot of stuff is cheaper & the meat is better in my opinion than any other store. It's not the most convenient though because it is a 25 minute drive!

Now I had anticipated a funny, dramatic post for you all because I figured my boy's would be little maniacs but they didn't leave me with any material why you ask? They were Angel's! Seriously Aiden pushed a cart the whole time with Carsen in it & I pushed Brycen. No complaints no I have to go pee, no whining no fighting! (ok who are these kids?) I had to call my best friend on the way home & say "tell me why I have no story because my kids were amazing!"

I'm assuming that because I was focused talking to Brycen & he had my direct attention that is why he was being so good! Aiden had a very important job I told him. He was focused & helping to entertain baby brother Carsen! Carsen just loves Aiden & honestly he's the best behaved on any day.

So we did our hour maybe, more trip & home we went to unload & then ran to Target after now Brycen did have a bit of a meltdown there. But honestly it was my fault I should have known better than to drag him around all morning & he only had a 25 min nap in the car, it was not enough but he's the kid that if he falls asleep in the car well your screwed he will not go back down, but on a very rare occasion.

We decided to get takeout from one of our favorite restaurants for dinner & then after Carsen went to bed the hubs, Aiden, Brycen & I played as I call it "bumper body" we take pillows and hold them in front of us & bump into one another! The boy's were laughing hysterical & it was a lot of fun. Everyone went to bed easy tonight & happy :) So that was our day here are a couple pics!!

                                                   I run on Dunkin ;) before we entered the store

                                    My Big helper seriously the kid is pretty amazing

Ready to check out! Yes we were loaded down! Hey I did say my cupboards were bare ;)

Do you try to grocery shop alone? Or do you have a helper?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nap Time DIY Craft

So I was bored today while the boy's were resting, we had went to the park this morning, so they were worn out!

I have been bored with my kitchen & wanted to add more color to it!! All my appliances are black & so is my knife block. Boring!!

So I thought hmm.. I will paint it! I already had primer & a aqua color that matches my mixer so I thought yep that's what I'm doing!

So outside I went with a brown paper bag, my knife block my primer & aqua spray paint.

                                                          Primed  & ready for color

                                                                  Looking Pretty

                                                                    So much better

Was such an easy project & didn't cost me anything because I had all the supplies!

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Terrible Two's Please End!

If you have a 2 year old or an older child you know the dreaded Terrible two's! At once I felt alone that I was doing something wrong, but I've learned that the terrible 2's are called that for a reason! I've been there before am dealing with it again & in another year will again! Know your not alone in the struggle! If your children are older I'm sure you can relate & probably get a good laugh from this.

I found this on pinterest & it suits me:

Please excuse me if I scream or talk mad gibberish or if my hair is completely white next time I'm seen out, because I have completely lost my mind!

Seriously where did my sweet cuddly nice boy go? I now have a monster who kicks & screams & whines about EVERYTHING!!! I think an Alien invaded his body like for real!!!

At one point in my life (about 3 years ago) I thought I was a horrible mom because honestly I could not stand my child! He drove me absolutely nuts & no matter how hard I tried to do everything I could to make him happy & do what he liked. He was rotten! I LOVED him I would take a bullet for him, still do ANYTHING for him! But I honestly just wanted to run & hide in a closet! I would watch him as he slept & think he is such an angel & so peaceful! How can anything so sweet & cute looking be so terrible? I felt like I walked on egg shells don't wake the Beast! Don't make him mad!

Well as he got closer to 3 & got better  life became normal again!  We played without fits & meltdowns & could go anywhere with out a fit! The whining got better he didn't kick or scream! I was so glad that phase was over!

Then came baby number 2 sweet & snugly a sweet little boy, being a family of 4 was awesome I was so happy. Then came baby number 3 and even more love filled my heart  another sweet little boy.

Well then Brycen(second child) turned 2 and turned into an a MONSTER!! Now once again the terrible two's are overwhelming me & he is driving me crazy just like his older brother did.  Its like he lives to drive me insane!! Stubborn oh so stubborn! I want to run & hide again! Love him love him so much & he is so damn adorable, but literally makes me want to pull my hair out in chunks! He is rotten! He used to be so sweet & cuddly! Some days he still is my sweet boy & those days I cherish & will cuddle with him all day if he let's me! Some day's he will kiss his brother's boo boos & hug & love on them just because. Some day's he hits his brothers or throws toy's at them. How can someone so little have such fits? I feel he is way worse than his older brother ever was.  On his bad mood days  well I want to hide Literally!

So cute but oh so naughty!! (Don't mind his scratches! He plays hard, he is all Boy!)

Our conversation at dinner last night:

Me: Brycen please get your foot off the table, sit on your butt & eat your dinner
Brycen: No MOM MA you sit on you butt!
Me: Brycen sit down it is time to eat!
Brycen: No MOM MA (gets up from table starts running around the house laughing)

I literally want to bang my head against a wall some days! He really like to try my patience

Well I realized I'm not a bad mom & its ok to be frustrated, maybe even have a day where you love them but don't necessarily like them!
 I love my boy's everyday & would give my life for them. I would do anything for them but when they are 2 we are just not friends! I've talked with my mom & my mother in law about this & other mom's & they all say they have felt the same. They all still loved their kids & would do anything & everything for them but some day's you just can't stand them! It's normal!

It's hard to get along with a little monster that as many times as you tell them no they continue to go back to whatever it is you told them no to!

*It's hard to not want to rip your hair out when your trying to make breakfast & your son decides to go out the cat door & dump the litter box all over the garage Oh freaking fabulous!

*Or decides to run off while your trying to wipe the baby's face off from breakfast & he's splashing toilet water EVERYWHERE! (& yes I have child locks but sometimes big brother leaves the door open).

*Or even though he's been potty trained since 20months & is now 31months he thinks its appropriate to pee in the dog's water dish & laugh! (ya he is a pure joy some day's)

Trust me I do a lot with my kids play dates, crafts, play with them but some times I feel like it's useless because no matter what I do he does something to get under my skin and cause mayhem. Whether it be coloring on the floor, or snatching toy's from a sibling. He is always doing something to get a rise out of me! (he is so like his father it's not even funny)

On day's I can take him away alone he is amazing & I try as much as I can to give him alone time but it is hard with 2 other kids!

He's 2 I get it & it is his job to drive me insane. I realize he is trying to be independent so he wants to fight me on EVERYTHING, but I can not wait till he turns 3 because 2 is my LEAST favorite age! I do tell my self this over & over:


Some people are better with babies than other's. Some do better with toddlers. Some with older children! Me & 2 just do not mix! My husband even said that 2 & I don't mix my kids hit 2 and we are just not the best of friends! Any other age I can deal with no problem & I don't get so frustrated. 5 more months & I pray this will be over! Do I want to be my child's best friend no (well someday when they are grown) but I'd at least like to not want to bang my head against a wall once I hear them wake up because I know what is in store.

Speaking of best friends, my best friend sent me the funniest picture in a text the other day & I seriously could not agree more with it & she made me laugh because she knows & sees the struggle I have with my very stubborn 2 year old!

So I will share that with you all because some may feel just like me, some may not & that's fine.


Oh I feel that is so true & fitting for my 2 year old! & apparently whoever made that did as well!! I thank them for that because it surely made me laugh!  -Candice-

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunny Day's Make For Funny Day's

So the weather has been pretty rainy & crappy here lately! Whenever it is nice and sunny out you will find my boy's outside playing!

They love the outdoors playing with trucks, digging in the dirt, bug catching. All boy they are! Well Friday was a nice day out so the boy's & I headed outside in our PJ's! (why not)

Brycen was smashing spiders with his crocks! He knows mommy does not like spiders so he makes sure to tell me when he's stomping on them for me! (it's sweet)

Aiden was running around like a madman racing through the yard he always has to show me how fast he is! I decided to make a obstacle course they had to run around the yard & then up the ladder of the little climber & down the slide all while I stood cheering & clapping & making up a silly song!

My crazy 2 year old is a nudist seriously the second he gets outside the clothes come off! I think he will be the next Naked Castaway! He is something!

Well they would play together & then do their own thing Carsen loved pushing the Tonka trucks around

 While Aiden & Brycen were running their obstacle I suddenly caught a glimpse of Carsen heading in a direction I didn't want him :/ see we have a 70lb Boxer and she poops on the far side of our fence! Even though we pick up her stuff daily her morning dodo had not been! (See where I'm going with this?)
Yep truck & Carsen's foot all through the Poo.

Aiden & Brycen thought this was hilarious & were saying stinky foot & poopy foot & all other silly names! Me I was like ahhhh he's got crap on him EWWWW!  Our dog is a total inside dog only goes out to potty or if were all out to play so she's clean but still it's Poo. NASTY!! Well I hosed him off let everyone play a little longer & to the shower they all went!

Poo foot & all we had a blast & was so glad we got out when we did because of course later it was raining & it's been ever since! Blah! Hoping the sun comes back out soon mommy can only make forts & play dough's & other crafts that entertain for so long! My boy's definitely need their outdoor fix they are much better behaved on day's they can get fresh air & run! You can find DIY play dough here:

What do you do on rainy day's? -Candice-

Monday, June 24, 2013

Essential Oils My New BFF

So for awhile now I have been on an Essential Oil kick! I HATE medicine! I don't like taking it for aches & pains.

So I've gone with more Natural products! I've even turned some friends on to them! About a year ago I made my husband his own chap stick using bee's wax, essential oil & coconut oil! It's time to make some again so look for that blog post soon!

Well with my essential oils I started using my peppermint oil for my headaches! I get Migraines & quite often sometimes & if you have ever had one well you know they are awful! So I use a drop of peppermint oil on each temple my jaw line & back of my neck. Some days it goes right away other day's I need to add a drop to the bottom of each foot & I sometimes add a drop of Lavender Oil! It's been working amazing!

I use the peppermint oil on my oldest when he has a headache & I even rub it on my abdomen during that time of the month to help with cramps!

My husband had a bad stomach ache one day so I dipped a tooth pick in the peppermint oil swirled it in a glass of water he drank it & felt better 10 minutes later!

Well knowing the oils help with that I started looking into using them for other uses. I now clean with my essential oils! I use a vinegar(natural disinfectant)/water mixture & add Tea Tree oil (it has antibacterial properties) I also add lemon grass oil it also has antibacterial properties & it smells so good.

I use baking soda in my toilet bowls spray with vinegar let it foam up add a drop or 2 of Essential Oil & scrub it leaves my toilet clean & smelling good!!

Safer for my kids & my wallet :)

*Tea Tree oil can help acne I use a Qtip  dab it on trouble spots it really helps!

*Tea Tree oil can be used as lice prevention put a few drops in your kids shampoo

*Tea Tree Oil helps keep fleas away put drops on your pets bed or in their crate

*Helps remove skin tags

*Treats Ringworm

Tee Tree oil does so much more!!

Here is an awesome little kit I bought off Amazon and it has 6 oils in it:
Tee Tree
Lemon Grass
Sweet Orange

These are KIS Oils & they are 100% therapeutic grade!

Soon I'll post my DIY toothpaste made with Essential Oils & My DIY chap stick as well stay tuned

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chalkboard Paint Label's

So 2 of my boy's share a room & I am always looking for ways to keep their room organized. I'm kind of OCD on that my Best friend would agree!

So I re-did their closet & organized with a bunch of bins from the dollar store! (yep dollar store) got to be savvy with 3 kiddo's!!

Well then I thought if I could somehow label the bins it would make clean up way easier!! I could also use as a teaching method for my oldest for reading what toy's go where!

So I started thinking I could get sticky labels but as their tastes change & toy's change the label would have to & sticky label's just leave a mess, so that was a no go!

Then I thought hmm.. Chalkboard you can wipe it off & change the words! So then I had to think of how I wanted to make them. I thought little wooden signs would be cute.

So off to Michale's I went to get ideas. I found chalkboard spray paint. & these thin pieces of wood that I could cut down & some jute rope!

Then back to my thinking process If I cut them into little squares & drilled holes I could tie & hang them with the jute rope & then as toy's change the words can change! (I seriously love chalkboard paint whoever invented it is so awesome!!)

My husband actually cut all the wood for me using a simple hand saw & then he drilled the holes for me & off to spray painting I went it took a few coats but the end result I was very pleased with!!

Once they were dry I pulled the jute through & tied them to every basket in the boy's closet & then labeled them!! Since I put shorts & pants in some of the bins it made it much easier to find who's clothes I was looking for!

The labels are cute & not tacky so it's an added bonus. I actually got complimented  by a realtor on them & my organizing skills! Made me feel good!

So here is the finished product:

The plastic colored bins are from the Dollar Store & the black cloth ones were clearance at Walmart!!
Pretty happy with the new organization!! Now I just need to get smaller chalk the big sidewalk chalk is kind of hard to write with!

Have you made your own label's before? How do you organize?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Playdough Pssh.. Try Awesome Dough!!!

So my friend Lindsay, she actually has her own awesome blog check her out:

 Well we were discussing how sometimes it is hard to entertain our boy's then she helped me with something new & fun & quite creative!! She led me to this page:

Where we found the recipe for her bubble dough or as I call it AWESOME dough!! Seriously it's so easy to make, cheap, not too messy & you can add color & scent to it to make it your own!!!

All you need are a few simple ingredients I made 2 different kinds of dough here is what you need to make both:

*The Dough pictured is the bubble dough (made with the dish soap)*

Corn starch

Any dish soap (I used Dawn the blue one)


Essential Oils (optional but makes the dough smell nice)

Food coloring

So for dough 1 originally called Ice Cream dough you need:

1 1/2 Cups- Corn Starch

3/4 cup conditioner

mix then add color & scent if you'd like

For Dough 2 originally called bubble dough you need:

1 cup Corn Starch

Dish soap (this you add until right consistency  it said 1/4 cup ya no I needed quite a bit) I used until it was like silly puddy consistency.

Essential oil for scent

                             The Boy's loved it now I will say it does get a little messy especially with a 2 year old mine is just a crazy one though so yours may do just fine :) but seriously it's corn starch & it was so easy to clean my table totally worth it to keep them happy & entertained!
**I do think the ice cream dough made with conditioner was less messy**
                                   Try it!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mini Oatmeal Bakes

As a mom of 3 I'm always looking for quick easy breakfast's but I also want them to be healthy!!

My kids actually do like oatmeal, they like it better if I can add a little bit of chocolate to it! Anything is better with chocolate right? Even if you don't like chocolate I have other options for you!

I have made these before but forgot to blog about them! Pinterest does it again I always find ideas & then tweak them.

So here is what you need:

5 cups -of old fashioned Oatmeal

1- Banana (mash it)

2 cups- Applesauce

2 3/4 cups- Milk

1 Tbsp.- Cinnamon

1 tsp- Salt

1/2 cup- Honey

2- Eggs

1 tsp- Vanilla

3 tsp- Baking Powder

* Chocolate chips- or you could do PB chips, raisins, or any fruit! (I've done apple chopped up & sprinkled a little more cinnamon on top those were yummy) *

Preheat Oven to 350

Mix all Dry ingredients in one bowl & the Wet in another bowl. Then mix the Dry ingredients into the Wet ones ** this will be pretty runny but it's fine!!!

Fill a muffin pan with muffin cups & spoon batter into each one then sprinkle with whatever topping you choose! You could also mix into batter if you only want to make one kind. We like variety!  This recipe made 24 for us!!

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until a inserted toothpick comes out clean!

Let cool & you can freeze 1/2 or all in freezer bags & then pull out as needed warm for about 30 seconds to 1 minute in microwave.  Easy, Healthy & Yummy!!!

                                                These are chocolate chip & PB chip ones

                                                                     Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Table re-do

So I've gotten brave & a little crafty! I got really bored awhile back and wanted to paint some table's. This  all started because I hate my kitchen table it has gotten so worn & beat up from my kids!  But I can't find one that I like for a decent price they are all outrageous.

So... I thought I'll paint mine! Now that is going to be a big project & my husband wanted me to have some practice before hand! well we had some end tables that were BORING!! So I fixed them up & LOVE them now!!

I was not quite sure where to start so I turned to my favorite DIY'er  Liz & got here recipe for her homemade chalk paint you can see it here : 
I'm lucky enough to have her as a great personal friend so when I run into trouble I can give her a call ;)

It was seriously the easiest thing ever no sanding (well a little after) no priming! My kind of painting easy :)

So here is the table before: I was using it as a Lego table for Aiden (my oldest) but he lost interest over it after about a week of having it. So I took it back hehe!
Here it is painted & then I decided I wanted to distress it
Here it is after my distressing which was not as hard as I thought would be I just needed a sanding block I started off a little at a time & then did more as I got braver! 
And here is my little Lovely in my living room!! I love it so much!!
So what you need is:
Paint (whichever color you want! I used a satin finish)
This color is cream in my coffee by Valspar
Unsanded Grout
Paint Brush
Sanding Block
Your imagination :)
I did a yellow one as well but I have to seal it

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Follow up with the Cardioloigst

So yesterday Carsen had his 2 week follow up with the Cardiologist. After the almost hour drive we get there go to check in & the receptionist  tells me my appointment is not till July 12th at 2pm & my blood starts to boil because um no!

I was told he had to have a follow up 10-14 days after with the Cardiologist & on my discharge papers it said June 12th. I was trying to remain cool I do have a temper when things go wrong when it deals with my children. I politely said um no it's today it said so on my hospital papers. She then called another lady & they looked into it & said yes it was supposed to be today but it got put in wrong they were sorry & would get him back shortly! Sigh of relief because I was not leaving with out my son seeing the DR I'm not messing around with his heart!

So they get us back they weigh, measure & take his blood pressure & then we all go into a room & they do and EKG the Nurses both said he was so well behaved they wish all the kids were as good as him (pat on the back lol) no Carsen is just a very easy going child. Thank Goodness because Brycen is NOT!

Then comes time for his echo so we go into another room & the tech. starts moving the little wand over his heart checking it all out!! Again pretty cool to see! I have this knot in my stomach it's been there since the drive just worrying.

Back to the room to wait for the Dr. Carsen is walking all around trying to get into everything! Pulling daddy's sun glasses off his head and trying to put them on himself. (he's so cute).

Knock knock & in comes the Doc. (so super nice) shakes my husband's hand and mine. Asks how Carsen has been acting & feeling. I explain he's doing well eating, sleeping & playing though he does seem more tired.

He then tells us that Carsen has a slight enlargement to his left coronary artery since his initial scan & I think I go white at this point! He tell us it is a little large for his age but it may fix its self by the time of the next scan in 5weeks! He said we could reduce Carsen's dose of aspirin from 2 every 6 hours to a 1/2 once a day! So at least he's not having to take a ton of that anymore.  The Dr. goes on to ask me if I have any questions. I had a million but all of a sudden my mind was blank!

I did ask if the aspirin could have any long term affect on him I was worried about Reye's Syndrome as well he told me not to worry about that. I asked if it could affect him later he said that he will need scans of his heart for probably up until 5 and then around 12 and maybe even as an adult. He gave me a source to read it was long and it was technical but I basically gathered the same information I already had.

They still don't know a whole lot! I did read that yes it is possible for his heart to get better by the next scan but if not he will be on long term medicine to prevent serious damage. So then my brain goes to the worst of course! I want to remain positive but it's hard with all that has happened I was hoping for everything to still be good at this scan & it wasn't :( so its hard to want to be positive plus what if I tell myself everything will be fine & then it's not? Neither way of thinking will help me right now!! 

We will just take it day by day till July 15th when we go back! & I will just snuggle and love on my little guy 24/7 this kid is going to be the ultimate mommas boy lol!

In other news cause you know we don't already have enough going on! I had to go have a HIDA scan on my gallbladder today! My Dr. is worried about its functioning since I had some issues a bit ago! That was fun let me tell you not!

I felt like I was stuck in a tanning bed without all the nice warmth, & then injected with this stuff that made me feel like I was going to barf all over FUN TIMES!! That was a whole 2hour process! So now I wait for results!! Always something around this place I tell you!!

Soon I will post about a couple of cute little tables I painted should have awhile ago but well hey if you've been fallowing you know where my priorities have been.

Till next time


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did you know? -Kawasaki Disease

If you want to know why I'm so adamant about raising  awareness for Kawasaki Disease you can read about my son's story here:

Did you know John Travolta's son  had Kawasaki Disease as a young child?

Did you know Sarah Chalke (from Scrubs & currently ABC's How to live with your parents for the rest of your life) -Son had Kawasaki Disease?

I didn't know this until I was playing on Google to learn more & came across articles about both their children! Both boy's! Kawasaki tends to affect boy's more than girls & usually children under 5!

I also came across this little 3year old boy's story:

I love how some people think it could be because of a Virus yet at one time they thought it was potentially linked to carpet cleaning! (which they learned it is not).

I'm so sick of everyone saying maybe a Virus, Everything is a Freaking Virus these days!! Well I call bullsh*t on the it could be some virus!

No I am not a Dr. I don't have a PHD or any fancy smanchy degree but I have read a lot & even the damn Dr's & scientist's don't know where Kawasaki comes from or how!

Yet I have read many articles saying they do believe it is an Auto-immune disease but they just don't have enough research to prove it yet & the fact that Auto-immune disease's are tricky!!

But the fact that Kawasaki tends to favor boy's more & the under 5 age & all the reading I have done says they think it could be gene related & children with certain genes are at a predisposition to get Kawasaki Disease. Makes me feel it is Auto-immune along with many others. They know its not contagious so how the hell could they even think it's a virus HA!

The fact that I have many family members with Auto-immune disease's also makes me feel that others are right in saying Kawasaki is an Auto-immune disease.

What is an auto-immune disease? :
Autoimmune diseases arise from an inappropriate immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body (autoimmunity). This may be restricted to certain organs

Kawasaki Disease affects the small & medium sized arteries in the body causing inflammation & it can cause serious issues to the heart!! -Sounds like an Auto-immune disease right?

They treat Kawasaki disease with IVIG : Which they also treat patients with auto-immune disorders with.
I was told that if Carsen's 2nd round of IVIG didn't work they were going to use a drug that is used for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (an auto-immune disease) Hmm...

So why is it so hard to get a straight answer? WHY? Why is children's medical funding & research pushed down to the bottom? WHY? Children are the future!!! There needs to be more funding for Child Medical research. There needs to be more research for Kawasaki & more funding!!

Recently we did a fundraiser under Sara Chalke to raise money for Kawasaki Disease: you can still donate!!

Thanks to Friends & Family our little team alone Raised:

Today we go back to the Cardiologist for another Echo cardiogram were praying for good results even if he gets good results today we will still be getting scans up until he is at least 5!
I will never be ok even if they say he looks good I will continue to worry for every next scan, I will worry that this will pop up again & I will worry as he gets older that he could be affected. There is too much not known about this disease & especially not enough information based on later effects in their adult life.
Until tomorrow

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kawasaki Nigthmare -Part 2

If you didn't have a chance to read part 1 you can here:

So I will begin part 2: we made it through the first night in the hospital & Friday morning May 31 he was feeling much better now fever free eating & smiling!  My hope was restored but he still needed his Echo cardiogram & it  had to be 24 hours after finishing the IVIG & fever free for 24-36 hours before they could send him/us home.  Still continuing the Aspirin therapy which is given every 6 hours.
So around lunch time the Cardiologist came in with the tech girl & she was taking pictures of his little heart, seeing my babies heart beating & moving was pretty neat! But I was terrified that something was going to be wrong. See the side affects of Kawasaki are : 
  • Inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis)
  • Heart valve problems (mitral regurgitation)
  • Abnormal heart rhythm (dysrhythmia)
  • Inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis), usually the coronary arteries, that supply blood to the heart
  • Any of these complications can damage your child's heart. Inflammation of the coronary arteries can lead to weakening and bulging of the artery wall (aneurysm). Aneurysms increase the risk of blood clots forming and blocking the artery, which could lead to a heart attack or cause life-threatening internal bleeding.
    For a small percentage of children who develop coronary artery problems, Kawasaki disease is fatal, even with treatment.

    Scary HUH??? Ya my point exactly!!!

    The cardiologist informs me that Carsen will have to have another Echo in 2 weeks then 6weeks & then 6 months & up until he is 5years old to make sure he never develops or developed a complication from Kawasaki. Thankfully during his scan that day everything looked good!

    My husband was off of work to stay home with our other 2 boy's as I refused to be away from my sick baby boy he needed me & I him! My mother in law decided to come down & help us & flew in Saturday so she could be there for the boy's & help around the house!! She has no idea how grateful I am to her for that.

    Saturday June 1st- My Mother in law flew in around Noon & then everyone was coming up to visit I was so excited to see my other babies I have never been away from them that long even when Carsen was born I only had to stay overnight! I missed their crazy behinds so so much!!
     Well while waiting for them to get to the hospital, I got exciting news... Carsen had been fever free 32 hours & his symptoms had gotten much better so they decided we could go home (I had not shared this with anyone but my parents till now) So we went home Saturday June 1st at 2pm it was great to be home until 5pm hit!
      At 5pm after a nap Carsen woke up burning up & his fever was back 101.6 his Rash flared back up his Lips were bright Red again & his Eyes blood shot again! I started Crying because I knew what this meant we were going back to the hospital!! I called & spoke with the Cardiologist & he said you know what I'm going to tell you right?? & I knew we were going back.
    His other Dr that had been seeing him at the hospital also called me and said pack a bag you have to come back. So I packed a bag & off to make the 45min drive again!  A screaming baby who felt awful once again.

    Once we were back they again weighed, measured & took his temperature at this point it was 104. I was so upset once again my poor baby had to get an IV and this time it took 2 tries it was AWFUL he was screaming & struggling & finally he was so tired & sick he passed out. Then came time for medication..
    Tylenol to reduce fever Aspirin for his therapy for anti-inflammatory (my understanding is also to reduce clotting purposes like that of an adult taking aspirin), Benadryl to reduce any possible itchiness for another dose of IVIG! another 8-12 hours of a drip. More Dr's to speak with. They said sometimes kids need more than one dose of the IVIG & apparently Carsen was one of the Few!
    This time they kept his drip on a slower pace so he didn't go through the shaking like the last time! More sleepless hours of holding a sick baby whom I did everything I could for to make comfortable. It is amazing how a mothers body can go days with out sleep and constantly rock & hold a baby.

    Sunday June 2- At 10am Carsen was done with his IVIG and he once again seemed to be feeling better!! The cardiologist came in to visit us & informed me he had seen only one other little boy spike a fever again after 30+hours & require a second dose of IVIG he said hopefully Carsen would be good after this second dose or our next step would be using a medication that is used for treating rheumatoid arthritis.
    The Cardiologist said that this time we would not be leaving until a full 48 hours after his IVIG treatment. Which would mean Tuesday at 10am. This was a special day as well because we were asked by the Hospital to be interviewed by the Children's Miracle Network & be on the News!! Which I of course agreed I wanted others to hear about Kawasaki! If I can figure out how I will upload the clip!

    Monday June 3-Was a great day my baby was now playing, the hospital was great & even brought him in toys to entertain him & daddy left him the ipad so he could play on that as well. It was pretty hard trying to keep a 1yr old who was attached to a bunch of wires in a certain area they brought us blankets so we could play on the floor & eat there. We skyped with his brothers & I got teary eyed as they were talking to each other I missed them & they missed their baby brother! Monday night went pretty good he slept the best he had in over a week.

    Tuesday June 4- I believe I watched the clock like a hawk that morning praying that his fever did not come back pleading that we could get home!! His Rash had now faded, His eyes White once again, His Lips now Pink but a little cracked, Feet less swollen! & the best news he was walking again oh I was so happy.
     I was crying happy tears to see my baby walking again! Kawasaki can make their joints hurt really bad (reason Carsen refused to walk hurt too much). The Dr's came in and evaluated him & could not believe the difference in him they all said he looked so much better!! They all agreed that since we made it 48 hours after IVIG & over 48 hours without a fever we could finally go home. I think I did a happy dance at this point!! We were sent home to continue his Aspirin therapy every 6 hours till his fallow up with the Cardiologist in 8 days.
    So Hubby came to get us & the smile on his face when he saw his baby was priceless he was so happy to A.) see him & B.) see how much better he looked & was acting. It is really hard to see your baby so sick & in pain & there is nothing you can do to help them. It is heartbreaking!! Home we went & we were all reunited & it felt so good!!! It was amazing to be with all my boy's again!!

    We had a follow up with his PA Thursday June 5- & she could not believe how good he looked & acted. I think I thanked her a million times for her persistence to have him admitted to the Hospital & her knowledge of Kawasaki & saving my son with out her it may not have clicked to me & it could have been too late. Now we are just waiting for Carsen's fallow up apt with the Cardiologist. & once I have some answers from that I will update! In the mean time I urge you to read up on Kawasaki.

    Be aware of the symptoms :
    Red swollen lips
    Red blood shot Eyes
    Fever lasting 5 days 101 or higher
    Swollen lymph nodes
    Swollen Hands/Feet
    Strawberry Tongue

    If your Child has 4 or more of these symptoms call your DR immediately!!!
    Here are some sites I found helpful through all this:

                                                                      Not feeling so good
                                                                            but eating

                                                         Sleeping & mommy got a shower

                                                                     Playing on the Ipad
                                                                   Having a picnic lunch on
                                                                     the blanket on Monday
                                                                       Sleeping peacefully
                                                           Before our News debut on Sunday
    Feel free to ask questions if you have any! I don't mind I want to help others be aware and understand more about this disease. I am still researching & learning more myself!!

    Sunday, June 9, 2013

    Kawasaki Disease- A nightmare I never expected Part 1

    Kawa What??? - I'm sure your thinking? Some of my friends & family have a brief understanding of Kawasaki now because my youngest child came down with this awful disease!!

    First I will give you our story of what happened & then I will give you info on where to learn more & what to look for! This will probably be a 2 part blog because it has ALOT of detail & info! I am trying to make others aware & prepared because This is SERIOUS if it is not caught & the child is not treated it can cause serious issues with the child's heart! You have a 10 day window to receive treatment we caught it on day 5!

    My nightmare- Saturday May 24 my youngest son Carsen who turned 1 on the 13th of May started running a low grade fever it was between 99.5 & 99.7 I attributed his low grade fever to his teething he is getting some molars I could feel them & assumed that was the cause.

    Sunday May 25- Carsen started running a higher fever later in the day into the night & he was crabby & could not sleep he I assumed Ear infection at this point his fever was now 101 he was messing with his ear & only could sleep if on me I was alternating Tylenol & Motrin to make him comfortable & planned to take him to the Dr. in the morning!

    Monday May 26- I called the Dr first thing in the morning only to realize they were closed because silly me I forgot it was Memorial Day! Well I knew we couldn't wait till the next day my baby was in pain & really not feeling well or sleeping, he was so tired he started to get red blood shot looking eyes. So off to Urgent Care we went.
      We were admitted fast & the Dr. looked in his ears she said they were red & said she was going to put him on amoxicillin. So off to Target we went to fill his script!
      Phew my baby will now get some relief or so I thought! Monday night was awful Carsen barely slept he was up every hour & screaming He had had 2 doses of his antibiotic now & it was not helping at all & his fever was still at 101-101.6

    Tuesday May 27- Carsen has his 3rd dose of amoxicillin and still seeing no relief he all of a sudden breaks out in a rash on his legs butt & a little on his arms! I start freaking out thinking he is having an allergic reaction to the medicine my brother & mother are allergic so I assume he inherited the allergy. Immediately  I call his Dr office & they tell me to bring him straight in to see his PA.

    His PA comes in and looks at his rash she says that she see's my concern but it does not look like a reaction, she then checks his ears to: Inform me they are not infected nor should he have been put on amoxicillin but unless you are used to children's ears the little redness a normal adult Dr sees can be mistaken for ear infection. She informs me to stop the amoxicillin.

    She then continues to look him over he still is running his Fever, ears are not infected his Rash does not resemble that of Strep. She asks me about his Red Blood Shot Eyes. She asks me about his Very Red Lips (they look as tho he'd been drinking red Kool-Aid). Which we do not allow in our house! & then she say's I think he has Kawasaki Disease! & I shutter!! I remember a Grey's Anatomy episode to raise awareness of this disease a RARE disease a Scary disease!!!

    His PA said that she was hoping he maybe had a viral form of pink eye that can produce fever & rash but she does not feel that is the cause so she requests another appointment be made with her for in 2 days because if he still has a fever that would be 5 days of a fever of 101 which is common with Kawasaki. While there she also did a white blood cell count & would take another on Thursday. So we wait & continue Tylenol & Motrin to help comfort him.

    Wednesday May 28- No sleep at all I'm exhausted & he is miserable I can not set him down his feet are now swollen & he refuses to walk when he had been walking for over 2 weeks & all I can do is cry! I'm scared, I'm terrified of what is going to happen to my child & I start googling! No one knows much about Kawasaki or how a child gets it. It is looking more likely to be an auto immune disease. It is not contagious. But they just don't have enough info on this disease.

    Thursday May 29- Back to the PA she draws more blood his white count is up more still Fever, Red Blood Shot Eyes, Red Lips, Rash, Swollen Feet! She is positive it is Kawasaki. She calls in another Dr & he also finds a Lymph Node that is more swollen & he as well feels Kawasaki. So then they start calling out to a hospital in Greenville NC which is 45 minutes from us. They are a Children's Hospital with a team of specialists! He is going to need to be seen by a Pediatric  Cardiologist as well!

    So I text a great friend of mine & ask her if she could please watch my other 2 boy's so my husband can go to the hospital with me & she says of course (I could have kissed her) Seriously she has no idea how much I appreciated her willingness to help me. I needed my husband because I was so terrified! Home to pack a bag & say goodbye to my other babies & off we go! My husband & I's hearts in our stomach's so scared for our baby. We arrive & immediately he is weighed, measured, temperature is  taken were now rolling with 103. He is hooked up to stuff given meds and numbing cream placed on his hands for an IV!

    Dr's are coming in left & right & I am having to go over & over day by day my son's symptoms  I talked to 4 different Dr's in the course of an hour. They also believe him to have Kawasaki.Then comes the IV that was so depressing watching my little baby fight so hard he was so upset because he had to be held down luckily when they stuck him with the needle he didn't seem to flinch so the numbing cream worked! Blood is drawn a pee bag placed on him to get a urine sample & I just am holding back tears looking at all this on my baby.
    Blood work comes back with elevated counts all pointing to Kawasaki. They don't have a test yet to actually determine Kawasaki but they are working on it. But with his elevated levels & all his symptoms the Team of Dr's are all convinced he has Kawasaki the one Dr even told me should could take a picture of him & slap it into a text book next to the word because he looked exactly like pictures of kids who have also had it & all the descriptions for this disease.

    Then starts the treatment how they treat Kawasaki is a round of IV meds called Intravenous immunoglobulin for short IVIG! What is IVIG you ask well... it is a blood product an immune protein. They also give a high dose of baby Aspirin every 6 hours! the baby aspirin had to be crushed & mixed with juice & given through a syringe.
      They give IVIG through the IV over a course of 8-12 hours as a slow drip every 1/2 hour though they increase the flow when we hit a certain point that night he started shaking & his fever rose. They decided to give him some Tylenol & decrease the rate of the drip. Finally they got that under control because holding my shaking baby was so scary. Poor thing just felt awful! I held him constantly unless it was time to eat or If I got him to pass out I laid him in the crib so I could use the bathroom or take a quick shower.                       
                                                                        Night One

    I will end this part here and have the rest tomorrow as I said before it is a lot of info! Stay tuned & in the mean time here is the KD Foundation page you can also receive info from

    Till Tomorrow