Meet Candice

I'm Candice I'm a wife, a mother to 3 & also have a dog & cat :) My house is always loud & crazy!! It's kind of like a circus show! Hence the title My Little Circus & Me! I became a stay at home mom when I had my first son in 2007. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, it is by far the toughest job I have ever had. I've been a manager of Eckerd's (now known as Rite Aid) I have been a hairstylist & a nail technician. I babysat all my life & was happiest when working with children! I love to bake & cook (most day's). I love to do DIY projects & crafts with my boy's! I love to dance & sing (not that great at either though). You may wonder why it is I blog & you can read why Here

I married my husband when I was 20 we will be married 9 years this February! He is a Marine & great at his job! He is loving & loyal an amazing father & my best friend!

These 3 boy's are my Whole World!! I love them more than Anything!! Though they drive me crazy many day's I couldn't be happier to kiss these little cheeks every night! I can not imagine a life without them!

My bratty dog Kaleta  aka Leta (she is named after a hockey player from our home town team she's a bruiser) she is 70lb of pure muscle but the biggest sweetheart & amazing with our children! She is a brindle boxer.

This is Zoey we adopted her from a animal rescue in April she is a sweetie & we are glad we could give her a forever home.

So that is my crazy little family My Little Circus :)

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