Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whats New You Ask?

So I've been off the grid for awhile with blogging! I do really enjoy the blogging world, for me though it is just hard a lot of times! My boy's are growing so fast & I feel we are just going 24/7 & when we have down time sometimes I just want to hang out with them, or the hubby, or just talk with friends! I do want to get back into the blog world however, I do miss it there are just so many amazing women out there!! Many whom I have no idea how they juggle family life & this! Kudos' to you ladies, seriously your awesome!!

Anyhow, I have also been MIA due to the fact of some serious changes in our little Circus of a life!!!
So here is the skinny on our life at the moment!!

 I am currently living in Western NY, we were in New Bern, NC before for the last 9 1/2 years!! I am up here with all 3 of my boys, my dog & cat! Where is the hubby you ask?? (no were not separating) The hubby is still in the Marine Corps till Mid  Feb & then I will be flying down to drive back up with him, here to our hometown!!

We moved up to NY during A's Christmas vacation, we knew he needed to start a new school & figured the Christmas break would be the easiest & smoothest time to accomplish this! Our house was also under contract in NC & we closed on Jan 14th!! That was a very mixed emotion day for me! I left the home my husband & I built & where we brought every one of the boy's home. (I'm getting teary eyed as I think of it)

The hubs has served for almost 12 years in the military & well were just kind of over it! He has been lucky enough to have been non-deployable the last few years & we realized that we just didn't want to deal with deployments anymore we, had done enough & it really is hard on kids. My boy's are obsessed with their dad he is so hands on it's not funny!! I think sometimes he should stay home & I should work full time he has way more patience than me! So we went back and forth the past 2 years & decided this was the right choice to get out & never have to be separated again! (except for the fact we are till February ). Let me tell you it BLOWS!! I am so thankful for his decision to get out because I could not do  6-7 month deployment with all 3 of these boys! They have cried & begged for their dad & told me they don't like me!

This has been one stressful transition!! Currently we are staying with my parents & we travel back and forth to my in-laws we are waiting for the hubs to return to find a place we both like!

What is he going to do for a job you may be wondering?? (not that it's any ones business) but since i get this question so much I'll break it down! Hubby has so many days of leave (basically vacation days) that he can get out mid February  & will still be getting a paycheck into April (so don't worry folks were not mooching off anyone) Were not being stupid, were being smart & doing what is best for us all (why we are currently 700+miles apart).

Hubs has put out quite a few applications & is still looking so right now were waiting on calls back (well really him). We also have an opportunity in PA & we would be with some great friends so that is really exciting! I would love to stay as close to family as possible but in the end we have to do what is best for our family & go where we can financially provide for our 3 boys & have good health care! The boys are top priority!!

These past few months have been anything but easy, I have laughed, I have cried many times! & I have screamed & yelled from the amount of stress all this has caused! I am thankful for family support & some amazing friends keeping me sane!! Otherwise I might be in a straight jacket right now!

I truly feel I picked the perfect name for my blog because my life is seriously like a damn circus!! So now you have the skinny on whats been going on!! I will try to be better about posts I want to get back to recipes for people & will let you know how we transition out of Military life into the civilian world!

Till next time xoxo

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