Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why Do I Blog?

Some people may wonder why I blog! Well at first I started here & there just for fun, to share things mainly for my family to read because we live away from everyone!

Then at the end of May my 1 year old (my youngest child) became sick & was Diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease! I decided after being in the hospital with him for 5 day's & seeing what he went through & that since it was a rare disease & not well known about I Needed (yes needed) to blog our story!

I needed to share what we had been through what others may have gone through but were maybe afraid to share. Or to help other parents know that if their child became sick with Kawasaki they were not alone! This little boy right here was my inspiration, he made me realize I needed to become a more active blogger!

He is such a sweetheart & I feel as his mommy it is my job to learn as much as I can about his disease!

I also wanted to share my life with other's. Many mom's struggle with different things some may be so tired they have no idea what to cook, I'd like to help them with that! So I share recipe's!

Some may draw a blank on what to do to entertain their child, I'd like to share my ideas with them!

Some are looking for way's to use more natural products & I am happy to share what I do & use.

Some may just be having a horrible day & need a laugh & well I literally live in a circus with my 3 boy's so my madness can just about make anyone laugh.

Maybe when I get serious about something it will make another not feel alone.

Basically I blog to help! Help others & help myself! Writing helps me clear my mind & I find it therapeutic.

So this is why I blog. I love it & love sharing things with others! Hopefully you will enjoy what I share & stick around.

Till next time


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's great you shared this because sometimes as bloggers I think we need to reflect on why we do blog. I have never heard of the disease your son has and hope he is doing ok. You have adorable sons! Now following you via Bloglovin'
    ~Jackie @ The Non-Martha Momma

    1. Thank you so much Jacquelyn! I really want people to know & understand why I love to blog! Kawasaki is not known by many! I had never heard of it until I saw an episode on Grey's Anatomy! & then few months later Bam we got hit with it! He has amazing dr's & is in great hands but we still do not know long term affects of it there is so much unknown! I'm doing my best to learn as much as I can & inform as many as I can. Thank you so much for stopping by & following along :)
      ~My Little Circus & Me

  2. You know, I think blogging to connect with other moms, and especially other moms with children with Kawasaki Disease, it's so awesome! I have my other blog for my son and I have met so many people through it. It's amazing realizing that your experiences help people with their experiences. It's like paying it forward.

    Good job, Momma! Keep up the blogging!

    1. Thanks so much Shauna :) it really is great to meet other mom's that understand what your going through! & even just other mom's in general to talk with!
      ~ My Little Circus & Me