Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ah Motherhood

Well had you been in my house last night you surely would have heard me singing in my opera voice!!!

Motherhood is awesome it really is, there are day's I want to run to a deserted island & never return but at the end of the day I wouldn't change my choice to become a mom!! The kisses & hugs & funny things the kids do all make it worth it!

 But.. there is a lot of crap that comes with being a mom & by crap some days I literally mean crap!

Event 1:  As I as I'm playing with the kids my oldest runs off to the bathroom normal he's 5.
 So I'm playing with the little two & all of a sudden Aiden is screaming running into the room freaking I'm like what what & he's yelling I over flowed the toilet!
Ah CRAP! & that's just what it was! So I am hard core plunging the toilet and here come the other 2 I'm trying to gently nudge them back because who the heck wants their kid playing in poop! Get that crisis averted & back to playing or so I think...

Event 2: My 2 1/2 yr old comes yelling mommy I peed I peed! Well I was just plunging the toilet & my bathroom is closed due to Tuesday's toilet adventure so this can only mean one thing...

Oh boy yep pee all over the floor & on a puzzle of a tree. Well I suppose the fact that there was a tree he figured it was ok since he likes to pee on trees outside!

Brycen has actually been fully day time potty trained since 20 months. He did it all on his own he showed the interest & we kept up with it, but every once in a great while we have an accident it happens!
I  do give him an A for effort for peeing on a tree just wish it was outside not a puzzle on the inside!

So off to get my cleaning mixture I soak the spot up then sprinkle baking soda over it & then use a spray bottle of vinegar/ water & 2 essential oils lemon grass & tea tree & it takes care of the smell!!

Essential oils are pretty darn amazing they are like my New Best Friends!! So don't worry you will hear more about them :)

So back to playing when...

Event 3: The bloody nose! UGH! Now I say ugh because if my son would learn to leave his finger out of his nose we wouldn't have the bloody nose problem!! & the boy is a bleeder he takes after me poor kid! Seriously all over my bed he's covered so off to the recliner he goes with a wad of paper towels!

Of course my husband is at softball during all this! Lucky jerk! No seriously though, sometimes I think he thinks I make this crap up because it always happens when it's just me!

Oh the joy's of Motherhood!! It is never dull NEVER!!  When the day is done & I kiss them goodnight & we exchange the I love yous it makes me smile & chuckle & think you may deal with some crap but it's TOTALLY worth it!! 


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