Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Painting is Art with Meaning

This post may get a little deep. I know I said Sunday would be my "Slide Show" Day there will still be a slide show but this one requires a post to go with!

A good friend of mine has her own Blog & an Etsy shop, I will be posting her links because you NEED to check her out!!! She is very talented & she is finally able to do what she loves again. Painting is her passion & I'm so glad she is able to enjoy doing what she loves. Not many of us find our true passion in life!!
So let me introduce to you my friend Linda (on the right): This picture of us is from 2009 ya we go back actually even farther than that try 2006!! She is back up North with her family her husband is now out of the Marines. Can't wait till I can say that :)

We have been through ALOT!! To say the least!! Try deployments, being neighbors, parties, pregnancies (we were pregnant at same time Linda with her  last & me with my first) Births, birthday parties for the kids, Holidays!! A lot of highs & lows!! We know a lot about one another!!  We celebrated every Thanksgiving together we both cooked & had it at my house. It was our tradition!! That's The thing with the Military you make some really great friends & you become like family!!

You rely on each other because when the hubby's are gone your all each other has!! We watched each others children grow from babies to young boy's & a young lady. Our children were each others first friends:

So now you know a Little of our Background onto Linda's Amazing ART!!! (Linda's Blog) -Fallow her :) (Linda's Etsy Shop)-Where you can purchase her art

Here is a piece she gave to me & I am so in LOVE with it:
Isn't it beautiful?? It's currently hanging on a corner wall in my foyer. But when we move into a new home it will be on a Main wall in either the dinning room or Living room!! I can't wait this piece is so me I LOVE flowers!! I love the colors & most of all I Love that my friend painted it!! It has meaning behind it!!
 Every time I look at this painting I think of her & all of the memories we have shared!! I think of her kids & how they have grown & how our kids played & made their own memories!! I look at it & think of how I miss her & her kids! But thankfully we still keep in touch!!

We will see each other again when we move back home we will only be a couple hours away :)

Make sure you check her out she is so talented!! Another one of her pieces I love on her Etsy shop is her custom floral design with the word Inspire!! I will be requesting & buying one similar once I get all my color schemes straight for the new home :)

Enjoy looking at Linda's beautiful work!! I love seeing her new creations!! & Happy Sunday


  1. That painting is beautiful. She is so talented!!

    1. She really is I wish I had her talent!

  2. BEAUTIFUL PAINTING!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! I also love how little Aiden is in that picture. So cute. <3 you and Linda both! Linda---you are an amazing artist!!!!!!! Love, Melissa

    1. Lol Ik he was so little *sigh they grow way too fast!