Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Of Them Day's

You know those days when you just want to zap yourself to a deserted island where no one can find you & you have a delicious fruity drink  with an umbrella in hand? Yep yesterday was that day for me!!

It all started in the morning while I was trying to shower got up late after a bad night sleep I should have known. Well  the baby kept crawling over my little make shift gate to the bathroom (pillows) it's worked before but now he is more bound & determined to get what he wants!

What could an 8 month old possibly be so after you ask?? The damn trash can! Why I dunno but he is obsessed! Now If I had washedmy hair the other day I wouldn't have even been worried but I was living off dry shampoo & my mop needed to be washed BAD!! So I had to climb out of the shower not once but 3 times to move that little booger!!

Finally showered & trying to get ready now I got my 2yr old climbing the toilet trying to grab my makeup, trying to put on deodorant, he's just into everything I tried getting him to sit on my bed & watch his favorite show yep wasn't having it Mommy's stuff was way more fun! Get myself together finish getting the kids ready & off to take Aiden to preschool. Then back home lay the baby down for a nap & Brycen (2) & I have Dino day :)

The boy has over 20 dinosaur figures from the PBS show dinosaur train he's obsessed so we play have fun we play pirates & make people walk the plank & get eaten by a shark we color. Then it's time to get Aiden well we have to take the dog too cuz she wines so unless were running errands before or after school she rides along.

So the day has gotten better awesome so driving I have my plan home lunch nap for B & then Carsen (baby) will be ready for another nap score then Aiden & I can chill maybe watch a movie or he will quietly play & I can watch a DVR'd show. Right? WRONG b/c I look in the review mirror & what do I see a passed out 2 yr old NO NO Nooooooooooooo!

Yep screwed b/c try as I might to get him back in the house after & lay him down NOPE he's up & crabby feed him lunch & figure ok after he eats he will go back down. Well Carsen is now screaming b/c he wants to eat so I sit down to nurse him & what do I hear I got to pee, CRAP! Ok hang on!!  I pee I pee & yep pee all over the chair & floor AWESOME! (yes he is potty trained has been since 20mo he's 26 mo) Well every once in a great while we have an accident it happens! The baby is screaming b/c he got cut off have to rinse Brycen off clean floor & return him to table to finish eating & go back to feeding Carsen.

 SO after everyone is fed I try again to lay Brycen down NOPE! Knocking at his door mommy!!  Then comes WW2 here screaming, pushing, toys flying = me yelling knock it off, say your sorry, that's not nice! Would you like it if someone hit you? Answers No! Well then don't hit your brother!

Then Brycen thought he was hilarious & was gonna try & jump off the top bunk bed ya Heart Attack!
Finally he realizes I'm not laughing and stops his craziness!! Que time to make dinner.. get everything ready it was meatloaf & mac & cheese while boiling the noodles Aiden & Brycen are once again fighting baby is crawling all over I'm checking on him noodles boiling over at this point I'm ready to Scream! And then the dog starts barking...

But it was a good bark the hubby was home to save the day!! He walks in hears the screaming & crying & I say welcome home (in my most sarcastic voice) In which he replies I'm leaving lol!!

It was a long day & needless to say Brycen was in bed early!! I enjoyed the quiet of everyone sleeping while I sat & wrote this :) I have to blog at night it's the only time I can truly collect my thoughts & well there is no way I can during the day with my wild bunch!! 

Soon I'll talk more about Military life & different things I've learned as a mom, but this week my children have provided such entertaining material I just had to share ;)


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