Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hello & Welcome

Why hello & welcome!!! I've done a blog before with a friend, but decided it was time to have my very own. One where I can share my stories, my up's & down's. My life & my love's!! Something that maybe one day my kids will look back at & they can read funny stories of when they were kids!

Who knows it may end up they just think their mom is crazy if they ever read this!! But no matter what I want them to know I love them more than anything, and my life would be nothing without them!

To start off I figure for anyone who comes across this should know a little about me...

 Well I'm 28 I'm a marine wife been married 8 years next month. I originally grew up in Western NY (nope not the city) it's actually kinda  country where I'm from, small little town where everyone knows your name (yep you have the theme song of Cheer's in your head now don't you?) -Well if your old enough to know of that show hehe!!  I met my now husband when I was 18 & we were married 2 years later &  moved to NC where we have been stationed since 2005 but soon we will returning to snowy Buffalo :) YAY!!!  (can you tell I'm excited). I miss our family!!

I am a mommy to 3 adorable little boy's whom are my entire world!! They are 5, 2, & 8months. Though they drive me crazy many days I can't imagine life without them!! We also have a 5yr old boxer. So can you see why I decided on my title!! I kind of live in a circus :) our day's & nights are filled of running, climbing, jumping, it is WILD around here!! I really feel like I live in a Circus most days but I wouldn't change it.

Well that's enough for now I have to keep you wanting more right?? Stay tuned for more on me & my life. With: My Little Circus & Me


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