Thursday, January 31, 2013

What I've Learned As A Mom Of Boy's

Boy's- what I learned having 3 of them is:

Boy's are Wild (They run, jump, swing from whatever they can)

Boy's are Messy (Mud is fun)

Boy's are Gross (Burping & farting is the coolest thing)

Boy's are Silly (I have never laughed so hard until my boy's they are too entertaining)

Boy's are Sweet (I constantly get hugs & kisses for no reason just because they want to)

Boy's will Eat you Out of house & Home (yes Ik mine are still little but seriously when they are having a growth spurt they put food down like nothing I've ever seen)

Boy's are Determined (When they want something they don't give up)

Boy's are Rough & Tough (It's bad when a 2 year old can kick your butt LOL)

Boy's Love their MOM!!! (I get so many cuddles & I Love you's)

I always wanted my first to be a boy! I prayed he was a boy & when he was I cried I was so happy!! I've seen the love between a mother & son, I have a brother! I see the love my husband has for his mom. He's a mommas boy (he may not think so, but he is) He loves her very much! It's a crazy bond!

I thought my second was going to be a girl at first I thought that's what I wanted one of each & be Done! The day of my Ultra Sound I knew I was carrying another Boy!! & when I saw him I cried! Because I knew the love a boy has for his mom & a mom for her boy!!!

My first 2 were planned, My 3rd was a big surprise as my middle was only 9 months I was nursing & on the pill. But someone else had bigger plans for me :)

Everyone thought for sure it would be a girl I think they just figured I already had 2 boy's it has to be a girl. I went back & forth of what it was it's a girl nope it's a boy! Hmmm.. I didn't care I just wanted a healthy baby because he was a surprise.

My husband wanted all boys, he's never wanted a girl. He said if it was a girl of course I'd love it it's my baby but I only make Boy's (I was like ya ya we will see). Well he was right. Because there popped up a little wing dang doodle & again I cried!! I was happy he was healthy & I was happy he was a boy!

Boy's are what I  know & personally I'm a girl I know how we can be I know the drama & honestly I like being the main lady in my husbands life (I'm a brat I know ). I would have loved a little girl if that's what I was blessed with. But I was blessed with My 3 Son's & I wouldn't change it for the world!!

I get asked all the time are you going to try for a girl HELL NO!  I am DONE!! I am happy & I am blessed with 3 healthy children!! And healthy was all I was ever concerned about! My family is complete, unless I can convince the hubby to adopt a little boy down the line :)

I know I will be forever loved & protected by my boy's. But I will be the mom on the porch with a shotgun!! Yep them girls better watch it because if momma don't like you you will know!!

Are you a mom of a boy? Or boy's? What have you learned from them?


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