Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dinner Drama

Want to know a typical dinner night at our house??

Dinner time is the time of night I dread the most probably because it is the meal time where I hear the most complaining & well it seems everyone forgets how to act by that time of the night everyone has gone straight Crazy, and they forget how to be civilized.

Yet if we were to go out to dinner they are little angles hmmm.. if only I was rich & could eat out every night!

First we have Aiden-
  The complainer, I don't like this I don't like that! How many bites do I have to eat? This looks funny! I don't like the smell!!
  Well kid I don't feed you dog food so EAT!
  We usually end up telling him 5 bites because he's five, so far it's working.
  Weird thing is I never have an issue getting him to eat vegetables (crazy I know).
 The boy loves broccoli the other night I made cauliflower & lied to him & said it was white broccoli hehe (ya ya bad mom card I lied). But it worked & he ate it!
  Some nights we even get into live drama theater here, where it's I can't eat I'm so full & falls off the chair to the floor & end scene.
But I'll tell you if he knows there is dessert he suddenly has room again.
He'd really make a great actor.
Maybe it will be a career :)

Second-We have Brycen the naughty nut case. Seriously if you know this kid you know what I'm talking about!!
  Usually one thing is yum I like it & next it's I don't like it & fling there goes the food!
  If he really does not like dinner oh forget it there goes the whole damn plate sliding across the table at me.
   Then he laughs & give you the cutest little smirk you ever did see in turn me just letting him get away with it (bad mom card again) but that kid has me wrapped around his little finger it's his eyes!!
  He's also known to put his stinky little foot on my dinner table & go no no no as he shakes his finger at you!
  Ya he's naughty! I usually have to bite my tongue or duck my head as daddy takes charge b/c it's hard not to laugh.
 It's really hard to get mad at him especially when you tell him something in a stern voice & he returns with I love you & blink blink the eyes!  Oh that boy will be the death of me!

Last-The baby we call him squiddie it's his nickname
 He sits in his bumbo and he smashes like the hulk & there go puffs & yogurt melts & peas & whatever else flying (it makes the dog very happy)
 So we yell squiddie smash!! & his brothers find it hilarious.
 We have the nights he screams because he's like FEED ME!!!
 Or the nights he shoves too much in & ends up chocking & causes me to FREAK out & my husband laughs at me.

Ya we pretty much have it all going on here, like I said I live in a Circus!!!!

Yes there are nights I just want to cry because I'd love to have a nice calm quiet dinner & not have my food criticized. But the only way dinner goes that smooth is if I make breakfast for dinner!

One day though they will be grown & they wont even be home for dinner,
 So I'll enjoy my Circus while I have it. :)

However I don't blame you if you would never want to have dinner with us LOL!


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