Monday, January 21, 2013

For the love of Blueberries

So yesterday we had a great day!! Watched some sports, ate some good food, & played with the kids & had a lot of laughs!!

On the weekends I usually make big breakfasts because we are all home & breakfast is the meal we all love the most in this house.

Well I had got an email from Allrecipes about overnight blueberry cream cheese French toast
1-it's amazing & I will post the link
2-it makes a big pan so you have leftovers SCORE!!!

My little circus LOVES blueberries my 2 year old eats them like they are going out of style, the baby loves them & the hubs & I both enjoy anything with blueberries. My oldest likes them but he can take them or leave them he's like that with UM pretty much everything!! He is Mr. picky pants!!

Anyways so I needed blueberries for this so off to the store I had went on Wednesday  after I dropped my oldest at preschool so I had the my 2yr old & the baby with me..

So I grab the 4.99 pack of blueberries (yep you read that price right!) Ouch! Well Brycen (2yr) starts freaking b/c he sees blueberries & is screaming for them I say not right now.

Well I turn to grab some bananas & what happens in 2.5 seconds yep Blueberry explosion all over the store floor :/ YAY!! Now I feel like an ass & there are blueberries rolling everywhere.
  So what do I do.... pick up what I can throw them out buy the half full container now & peace out!

Problem is I need 2 cups of blueberries for this dish so what does that mean Friday late afternoon I head back to the store to get more, I had needed a couple more things anyways no biggie right??

Well I have all 3 kids this time as there was no school Friday BOO!!! Well Brycen is pissed that this time I put the blueberries under the cart so he can not open them all over the store again.

Aiden (5) is in his face trying to help yet only making the already mad 2yr old even more pissed so I fly through the store get what I need & checkout. Then I HAD to stop at the Starbucks that is inside the same store.. I NEEDED one lol!! No but really I did!! They had been little crabs all day fighting on & off.

Now I have my Java Frap.. Life is good again! So I get all kids in the car & groceries & home we go thank goodness we are only 10 mins from the store.

By this time my husband is home so he meets me outside to help unload, well he lets Brycen the blueberry addict in the house and goes back to grab the mail as I'm getting the baby out of the car.. I see him at the mailbox... duh duh duh...

I run but it was like in slow motion I get to the door I see said blueberry addict with blueberries in hand running & laughing.. I'm yelling NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

And And... Yep you guessed it...
Blueberries ALL over! I mean rolling under furniture all through the living room & kitchen (we have a very open floor plan)  I'm now trying to fight the dog to not gobble down all my blueberries..

Brycen is shoveling blueberries down his throat faster than the speed of lightning & there I stand sipping my Starbucks b/c For the Love Of Blueberries I gave up!!

I watched as my husband and the kids cleaned them up & then I washed all the blueberries for breakfast for the next day!

So here is the recipe that caused the blueberry drama ;) : * I used sourdough bread from the bakery & I softened the cream cheese & beat it with 1/4 cup powdered sugar*

Enjoy -Candice-

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