Monday, June 24, 2013

Essential Oils My New BFF

So for awhile now I have been on an Essential Oil kick! I HATE medicine! I don't like taking it for aches & pains.

So I've gone with more Natural products! I've even turned some friends on to them! About a year ago I made my husband his own chap stick using bee's wax, essential oil & coconut oil! It's time to make some again so look for that blog post soon!

Well with my essential oils I started using my peppermint oil for my headaches! I get Migraines & quite often sometimes & if you have ever had one well you know they are awful! So I use a drop of peppermint oil on each temple my jaw line & back of my neck. Some days it goes right away other day's I need to add a drop to the bottom of each foot & I sometimes add a drop of Lavender Oil! It's been working amazing!

I use the peppermint oil on my oldest when he has a headache & I even rub it on my abdomen during that time of the month to help with cramps!

My husband had a bad stomach ache one day so I dipped a tooth pick in the peppermint oil swirled it in a glass of water he drank it & felt better 10 minutes later!

Well knowing the oils help with that I started looking into using them for other uses. I now clean with my essential oils! I use a vinegar(natural disinfectant)/water mixture & add Tea Tree oil (it has antibacterial properties) I also add lemon grass oil it also has antibacterial properties & it smells so good.

I use baking soda in my toilet bowls spray with vinegar let it foam up add a drop or 2 of Essential Oil & scrub it leaves my toilet clean & smelling good!!

Safer for my kids & my wallet :)

*Tea Tree oil can help acne I use a Qtip  dab it on trouble spots it really helps!

*Tea Tree oil can be used as lice prevention put a few drops in your kids shampoo

*Tea Tree Oil helps keep fleas away put drops on your pets bed or in their crate

*Helps remove skin tags

*Treats Ringworm

Tee Tree oil does so much more!!

Here is an awesome little kit I bought off Amazon and it has 6 oils in it:
Tee Tree
Lemon Grass
Sweet Orange

These are KIS Oils & they are 100% therapeutic grade!

Soon I'll post my DIY toothpaste made with Essential Oils & My DIY chap stick as well stay tuned


  1. I cant wait to see your other posts about toothpaste, and chap stick! I could go broke buying chap stick! :)

  2. It's awesome Brandon is begging me to make it again! Will be soon I'm waiting on my tubes to come :)