Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yesterday's Adventure

So yesterday I had to take all 3 boy's grocery shopping no big deal right? Well normally I went while the boy's were in preschool so I only had the baby!

Aiden likes to egg Brycen on & they end up running circles or fighting or something! I had to do a huge trip yesterday our cupboards were like bare it was sad!
  So I loaded up all 3 and off to Base we went. If you didn't already know my husband is a Marine so I have the luxury of shopping on Base at the commissary. It's great a lot of stuff is cheaper & the meat is better in my opinion than any other store. It's not the most convenient though because it is a 25 minute drive!

Now I had anticipated a funny, dramatic post for you all because I figured my boy's would be little maniacs but they didn't leave me with any material why you ask? They were Angel's! Seriously Aiden pushed a cart the whole time with Carsen in it & I pushed Brycen. No complaints no I have to go pee, no whining no fighting! (ok who are these kids?) I had to call my best friend on the way home & say "tell me why I have no story because my kids were amazing!"

I'm assuming that because I was focused talking to Brycen & he had my direct attention that is why he was being so good! Aiden had a very important job I told him. He was focused & helping to entertain baby brother Carsen! Carsen just loves Aiden & honestly he's the best behaved on any day.

So we did our hour maybe, more trip & home we went to unload & then ran to Target after now Brycen did have a bit of a meltdown there. But honestly it was my fault I should have known better than to drag him around all morning & he only had a 25 min nap in the car, it was not enough but he's the kid that if he falls asleep in the car well your screwed he will not go back down, but on a very rare occasion.

We decided to get takeout from one of our favorite restaurants for dinner & then after Carsen went to bed the hubs, Aiden, Brycen & I played as I call it "bumper body" we take pillows and hold them in front of us & bump into one another! The boy's were laughing hysterical & it was a lot of fun. Everyone went to bed easy tonight & happy :) So that was our day here are a couple pics!!

                                                   I run on Dunkin ;) before we entered the store

                                    My Big helper seriously the kid is pretty amazing

Ready to check out! Yes we were loaded down! Hey I did say my cupboards were bare ;)

Do you try to grocery shop alone? Or do you have a helper?

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