Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunny Day's Make For Funny Day's

So the weather has been pretty rainy & crappy here lately! Whenever it is nice and sunny out you will find my boy's outside playing!

They love the outdoors playing with trucks, digging in the dirt, bug catching. All boy they are! Well Friday was a nice day out so the boy's & I headed outside in our PJ's! (why not)

Brycen was smashing spiders with his crocks! He knows mommy does not like spiders so he makes sure to tell me when he's stomping on them for me! (it's sweet)

Aiden was running around like a madman racing through the yard he always has to show me how fast he is! I decided to make a obstacle course they had to run around the yard & then up the ladder of the little climber & down the slide all while I stood cheering & clapping & making up a silly song!

My crazy 2 year old is a nudist seriously the second he gets outside the clothes come off! I think he will be the next Naked Castaway! He is something!

Well they would play together & then do their own thing Carsen loved pushing the Tonka trucks around

 While Aiden & Brycen were running their obstacle I suddenly caught a glimpse of Carsen heading in a direction I didn't want him :/ see we have a 70lb Boxer and she poops on the far side of our fence! Even though we pick up her stuff daily her morning dodo had not been! (See where I'm going with this?)
Yep truck & Carsen's foot all through the Poo.

Aiden & Brycen thought this was hilarious & were saying stinky foot & poopy foot & all other silly names! Me I was like ahhhh he's got crap on him EWWWW!  Our dog is a total inside dog only goes out to potty or if were all out to play so she's clean but still it's Poo. NASTY!! Well I hosed him off let everyone play a little longer & to the shower they all went!

Poo foot & all we had a blast & was so glad we got out when we did because of course later it was raining & it's been ever since! Blah! Hoping the sun comes back out soon mommy can only make forts & play dough's & other crafts that entertain for so long! My boy's definitely need their outdoor fix they are much better behaved on day's they can get fresh air & run! You can find DIY play dough here:

What do you do on rainy day's? -Candice-

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