Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chalkboard Paint Label's

So 2 of my boy's share a room & I am always looking for ways to keep their room organized. I'm kind of OCD on that my Best friend would agree!

So I re-did their closet & organized with a bunch of bins from the dollar store! (yep dollar store) got to be savvy with 3 kiddo's!!

Well then I thought if I could somehow label the bins it would make clean up way easier!! I could also use as a teaching method for my oldest for reading what toy's go where!

So I started thinking I could get sticky labels but as their tastes change & toy's change the label would have to & sticky label's just leave a mess, so that was a no go!

Then I thought hmm.. Chalkboard you can wipe it off & change the words! So then I had to think of how I wanted to make them. I thought little wooden signs would be cute.

So off to Michale's I went to get ideas. I found chalkboard spray paint. & these thin pieces of wood that I could cut down & some jute rope!

Then back to my thinking process If I cut them into little squares & drilled holes I could tie & hang them with the jute rope & then as toy's change the words can change! (I seriously love chalkboard paint whoever invented it is so awesome!!)

My husband actually cut all the wood for me using a simple hand saw & then he drilled the holes for me & off to spray painting I went it took a few coats but the end result I was very pleased with!!

Once they were dry I pulled the jute through & tied them to every basket in the boy's closet & then labeled them!! Since I put shorts & pants in some of the bins it made it much easier to find who's clothes I was looking for!

The labels are cute & not tacky so it's an added bonus. I actually got complimented  by a realtor on them & my organizing skills! Made me feel good!

So here is the finished product:

The plastic colored bins are from the Dollar Store & the black cloth ones were clearance at Walmart!!
Pretty happy with the new organization!! Now I just need to get smaller chalk the big sidewalk chalk is kind of hard to write with!

Have you made your own label's before? How do you organize?

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