Thursday, June 13, 2013

Follow up with the Cardioloigst

So yesterday Carsen had his 2 week follow up with the Cardiologist. After the almost hour drive we get there go to check in & the receptionist  tells me my appointment is not till July 12th at 2pm & my blood starts to boil because um no!

I was told he had to have a follow up 10-14 days after with the Cardiologist & on my discharge papers it said June 12th. I was trying to remain cool I do have a temper when things go wrong when it deals with my children. I politely said um no it's today it said so on my hospital papers. She then called another lady & they looked into it & said yes it was supposed to be today but it got put in wrong they were sorry & would get him back shortly! Sigh of relief because I was not leaving with out my son seeing the DR I'm not messing around with his heart!

So they get us back they weigh, measure & take his blood pressure & then we all go into a room & they do and EKG the Nurses both said he was so well behaved they wish all the kids were as good as him (pat on the back lol) no Carsen is just a very easy going child. Thank Goodness because Brycen is NOT!

Then comes time for his echo so we go into another room & the tech. starts moving the little wand over his heart checking it all out!! Again pretty cool to see! I have this knot in my stomach it's been there since the drive just worrying.

Back to the room to wait for the Dr. Carsen is walking all around trying to get into everything! Pulling daddy's sun glasses off his head and trying to put them on himself. (he's so cute).

Knock knock & in comes the Doc. (so super nice) shakes my husband's hand and mine. Asks how Carsen has been acting & feeling. I explain he's doing well eating, sleeping & playing though he does seem more tired.

He then tells us that Carsen has a slight enlargement to his left coronary artery since his initial scan & I think I go white at this point! He tell us it is a little large for his age but it may fix its self by the time of the next scan in 5weeks! He said we could reduce Carsen's dose of aspirin from 2 every 6 hours to a 1/2 once a day! So at least he's not having to take a ton of that anymore.  The Dr. goes on to ask me if I have any questions. I had a million but all of a sudden my mind was blank!

I did ask if the aspirin could have any long term affect on him I was worried about Reye's Syndrome as well he told me not to worry about that. I asked if it could affect him later he said that he will need scans of his heart for probably up until 5 and then around 12 and maybe even as an adult. He gave me a source to read it was long and it was technical but I basically gathered the same information I already had.

They still don't know a whole lot! I did read that yes it is possible for his heart to get better by the next scan but if not he will be on long term medicine to prevent serious damage. So then my brain goes to the worst of course! I want to remain positive but it's hard with all that has happened I was hoping for everything to still be good at this scan & it wasn't :( so its hard to want to be positive plus what if I tell myself everything will be fine & then it's not? Neither way of thinking will help me right now!! 

We will just take it day by day till July 15th when we go back! & I will just snuggle and love on my little guy 24/7 this kid is going to be the ultimate mommas boy lol!

In other news cause you know we don't already have enough going on! I had to go have a HIDA scan on my gallbladder today! My Dr. is worried about its functioning since I had some issues a bit ago! That was fun let me tell you not!

I felt like I was stuck in a tanning bed without all the nice warmth, & then injected with this stuff that made me feel like I was going to barf all over FUN TIMES!! That was a whole 2hour process! So now I wait for results!! Always something around this place I tell you!!

Soon I will post about a couple of cute little tables I painted should have awhile ago but well hey if you've been fallowing you know where my priorities have been.

Till next time


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