Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did you know? -Kawasaki Disease

If you want to know why I'm so adamant about raising  awareness for Kawasaki Disease you can read about my son's story here:

Did you know John Travolta's son  had Kawasaki Disease as a young child?

Did you know Sarah Chalke (from Scrubs & currently ABC's How to live with your parents for the rest of your life) -Son had Kawasaki Disease?

I didn't know this until I was playing on Google to learn more & came across articles about both their children! Both boy's! Kawasaki tends to affect boy's more than girls & usually children under 5!

I also came across this little 3year old boy's story:

I love how some people think it could be because of a Virus yet at one time they thought it was potentially linked to carpet cleaning! (which they learned it is not).

I'm so sick of everyone saying maybe a Virus, Everything is a Freaking Virus these days!! Well I call bullsh*t on the it could be some virus!

No I am not a Dr. I don't have a PHD or any fancy smanchy degree but I have read a lot & even the damn Dr's & scientist's don't know where Kawasaki comes from or how!

Yet I have read many articles saying they do believe it is an Auto-immune disease but they just don't have enough research to prove it yet & the fact that Auto-immune disease's are tricky!!

But the fact that Kawasaki tends to favor boy's more & the under 5 age & all the reading I have done says they think it could be gene related & children with certain genes are at a predisposition to get Kawasaki Disease. Makes me feel it is Auto-immune along with many others. They know its not contagious so how the hell could they even think it's a virus HA!

The fact that I have many family members with Auto-immune disease's also makes me feel that others are right in saying Kawasaki is an Auto-immune disease.

What is an auto-immune disease? :
Autoimmune diseases arise from an inappropriate immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body (autoimmunity). This may be restricted to certain organs

Kawasaki Disease affects the small & medium sized arteries in the body causing inflammation & it can cause serious issues to the heart!! -Sounds like an Auto-immune disease right?

They treat Kawasaki disease with IVIG : Which they also treat patients with auto-immune disorders with.
I was told that if Carsen's 2nd round of IVIG didn't work they were going to use a drug that is used for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (an auto-immune disease) Hmm...

So why is it so hard to get a straight answer? WHY? Why is children's medical funding & research pushed down to the bottom? WHY? Children are the future!!! There needs to be more funding for Child Medical research. There needs to be more research for Kawasaki & more funding!!

Recently we did a fundraiser under Sara Chalke to raise money for Kawasaki Disease:
http://www.crowdrise.com/kdchallenge/fundraiser/candiceschurr you can still donate!!

Thanks to Friends & Family our little team alone Raised:

Today we go back to the Cardiologist for another Echo cardiogram were praying for good results even if he gets good results today we will still be getting scans up until he is at least 5!
I will never be ok even if they say he looks good I will continue to worry for every next scan, I will worry that this will pop up again & I will worry as he gets older that he could be affected. There is too much not known about this disease & especially not enough information based on later effects in their adult life.
Until tomorrow

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