Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Terrible Two's Please End!

If you have a 2 year old or an older child you know the dreaded Terrible two's! At once I felt alone that I was doing something wrong, but I've learned that the terrible 2's are called that for a reason! I've been there before am dealing with it again & in another year will again! Know your not alone in the struggle! If your children are older I'm sure you can relate & probably get a good laugh from this.

I found this on pinterest & it suits me:

Please excuse me if I scream or talk mad gibberish or if my hair is completely white next time I'm seen out, because I have completely lost my mind!

Seriously where did my sweet cuddly nice boy go? I now have a monster who kicks & screams & whines about EVERYTHING!!! I think an Alien invaded his body like for real!!!

At one point in my life (about 3 years ago) I thought I was a horrible mom because honestly I could not stand my child! He drove me absolutely nuts & no matter how hard I tried to do everything I could to make him happy & do what he liked. He was rotten! I LOVED him I would take a bullet for him, still do ANYTHING for him! But I honestly just wanted to run & hide in a closet! I would watch him as he slept & think he is such an angel & so peaceful! How can anything so sweet & cute looking be so terrible? I felt like I walked on egg shells don't wake the Beast! Don't make him mad!

Well as he got closer to 3 & got better  life became normal again!  We played without fits & meltdowns & could go anywhere with out a fit! The whining got better he didn't kick or scream! I was so glad that phase was over!

Then came baby number 2 sweet & snugly a sweet little boy, being a family of 4 was awesome I was so happy. Then came baby number 3 and even more love filled my heart  another sweet little boy.

Well then Brycen(second child) turned 2 and turned into an a MONSTER!! Now once again the terrible two's are overwhelming me & he is driving me crazy just like his older brother did.  Its like he lives to drive me insane!! Stubborn oh so stubborn! I want to run & hide again! Love him love him so much & he is so damn adorable, but literally makes me want to pull my hair out in chunks! He is rotten! He used to be so sweet & cuddly! Some days he still is my sweet boy & those days I cherish & will cuddle with him all day if he let's me! Some day's he will kiss his brother's boo boos & hug & love on them just because. Some day's he hits his brothers or throws toy's at them. How can someone so little have such fits? I feel he is way worse than his older brother ever was.  On his bad mood days  well I want to hide Literally!

So cute but oh so naughty!! (Don't mind his scratches! He plays hard, he is all Boy!)

Our conversation at dinner last night:

Me: Brycen please get your foot off the table, sit on your butt & eat your dinner
Brycen: No MOM MA you sit on you butt!
Me: Brycen sit down it is time to eat!
Brycen: No MOM MA (gets up from table starts running around the house laughing)

I literally want to bang my head against a wall some days! He really like to try my patience

Well I realized I'm not a bad mom & its ok to be frustrated, maybe even have a day where you love them but don't necessarily like them!
 I love my boy's everyday & would give my life for them. I would do anything for them but when they are 2 we are just not friends! I've talked with my mom & my mother in law about this & other mom's & they all say they have felt the same. They all still loved their kids & would do anything & everything for them but some day's you just can't stand them! It's normal!

It's hard to get along with a little monster that as many times as you tell them no they continue to go back to whatever it is you told them no to!

*It's hard to not want to rip your hair out when your trying to make breakfast & your son decides to go out the cat door & dump the litter box all over the garage Oh freaking fabulous!

*Or decides to run off while your trying to wipe the baby's face off from breakfast & he's splashing toilet water EVERYWHERE! (& yes I have child locks but sometimes big brother leaves the door open).

*Or even though he's been potty trained since 20months & is now 31months he thinks its appropriate to pee in the dog's water dish & laugh! (ya he is a pure joy some day's)

Trust me I do a lot with my kids play dates, crafts, play with them but some times I feel like it's useless because no matter what I do he does something to get under my skin and cause mayhem. Whether it be coloring on the floor, or snatching toy's from a sibling. He is always doing something to get a rise out of me! (he is so like his father it's not even funny)

On day's I can take him away alone he is amazing & I try as much as I can to give him alone time but it is hard with 2 other kids!

He's 2 I get it & it is his job to drive me insane. I realize he is trying to be independent so he wants to fight me on EVERYTHING, but I can not wait till he turns 3 because 2 is my LEAST favorite age! I do tell my self this over & over:


Some people are better with babies than other's. Some do better with toddlers. Some with older children! Me & 2 just do not mix! My husband even said that 2 & I don't mix my kids hit 2 and we are just not the best of friends! Any other age I can deal with no problem & I don't get so frustrated. 5 more months & I pray this will be over! Do I want to be my child's best friend no (well someday when they are grown) but I'd at least like to not want to bang my head against a wall once I hear them wake up because I know what is in store.

Speaking of best friends, my best friend sent me the funniest picture in a text the other day & I seriously could not agree more with it & she made me laugh because she knows & sees the struggle I have with my very stubborn 2 year old!

So I will share that with you all because some may feel just like me, some may not & that's fine.


Oh I feel that is so true & fitting for my 2 year old! & apparently whoever made that did as well!! I thank them for that because it surely made me laugh!  -Candice-

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