Monday, June 17, 2013

Table re-do

So I've gotten brave & a little crafty! I got really bored awhile back and wanted to paint some table's. This  all started because I hate my kitchen table it has gotten so worn & beat up from my kids!  But I can't find one that I like for a decent price they are all outrageous.

So... I thought I'll paint mine! Now that is going to be a big project & my husband wanted me to have some practice before hand! well we had some end tables that were BORING!! So I fixed them up & LOVE them now!!

I was not quite sure where to start so I turned to my favorite DIY'er  Liz & got here recipe for her homemade chalk paint you can see it here : 
I'm lucky enough to have her as a great personal friend so when I run into trouble I can give her a call ;)

It was seriously the easiest thing ever no sanding (well a little after) no priming! My kind of painting easy :)

So here is the table before: I was using it as a Lego table for Aiden (my oldest) but he lost interest over it after about a week of having it. So I took it back hehe!
Here it is painted & then I decided I wanted to distress it
Here it is after my distressing which was not as hard as I thought would be I just needed a sanding block I started off a little at a time & then did more as I got braver! 
And here is my little Lovely in my living room!! I love it so much!!
So what you need is:
Paint (whichever color you want! I used a satin finish)
This color is cream in my coffee by Valspar
Unsanded Grout
Paint Brush
Sanding Block
Your imagination :)
I did a yellow one as well but I have to seal it


  1. That looks great Candice!!!!! I love that in the corner!

  2. Thanks So much Melissa!! My Mother In Law found the spot for it while she was visiting :)