Monday, July 1, 2013

Thing's My Boy's Will Learn To Do

So I know back in the "old day's" women were the care givers, the cook, the housekeeper & Men made the "Bacon"

Well it's 2013 and even in the 80's growing up my dad cooked! My dad will do laundry on occasion & he does dish's.

My boy's are going to learn to cook & bake & do laundry!

My husband will do laundry, my husband can clean, my husband cooks & bakes (and he's damn good at it) He makes some amazing food & he makes a better Cheesecake than me (yep I just said that) & I now will hear that for UM the rest of my life! But it's true & he deserves the credit!

I am so thankful to my mother in law & father in law for teaching him to cook & bake & clean & do laundry! He is a big help to me sometimes & I love and appreciate him for it! (seriously what woman would not want a man to cook for her?) I mean come on to be able to tend to other things & not have to worry what's for dinner & not have to just order a pizza. A nice home cooked meal made by my man is a way to my heart for sure :)

My hubby made me an amazing steak, lobster & grilled zucchini for Mother's day :)

                                         Yes it was as yummy as it looks! I have a keeper ;)

I LOVE to bake with my boy's! It's fun! They enjoy it & it's bonding for us & then we enjoy yummy treats after! Recently when my mother in law was here she let Aiden help make grilled cheese & he said mom let's me help bake but not cook! So I have started to let him help me cook & he truly enjoys it! Maybe he will be a chef someday if not hey he will know how to make meals when he moves out other than raman noodles & microwave hot dogs & one day he will be able to cook for his wife!

My boy's like to help with laundry they like to sprinkle the powder in & thrown in the clothes (this will help them greatly in their future especially in college).

Brycen loves the vacuum & Aiden the Swiffer! AWESOME! Clean away boy's mom is a clean freak so I will show you how!

I am their mother it is my job to teach them things & to take care of them. However it does not mean I am their maid or short order cook nor am I my husbands! He does work & he makes the money but I don't sit on my butt I bust my butt everyday to have things in order & take care of our boy's! I don't get a lunch break or time to go to the gym my job is 24/7 so when he wants to help me I gladly let him!

I think all men should know how to do these things. I married my husband to be my partner not be his mother! I never want my future daughter in laws to feel they have to mother my boy's. I want them to be thankful for me as I am for my mother in law for teaching them they too can cook, clean, bake, do laundry.

  I love watching Food Network & seeing all the men & how they cook! Quite honestly I think men are better cooks! I think my husband is more creative than me, my dad was a better cook than my mom & my father in law is an Awesome cook!! I much prefer to bake!

I'm just glad that my boy's have so much to look up too, that the men in their life show them that it is not "un manly" to cook or bake or do housework it's actually the opposite! That doing these things will make them  a well rounded man!

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