Monday, August 5, 2013


How did this all start click Here to find out!!

The Grouchy Military Mom Diaries gave me a Blogasm!! (sounds so wrong right?) LOL but honestly I am so honored!! It really made my day!! Another reason I love to blog you meet so many amazing women who lift each other up & are supportive & helpful!! It's pretty awesome, it's like another little family :) So now it's time to pass this on too.....

                                           Unconventional Mommy Tails


Southern Mess Moms
I really enjoy reading your blog & find you super funny!! I love people that tell it like it is!! Hope you enjoy & Have a wonderful day!! Make sure you pass this on :)


  1. I'll check it out. I wanted to say "Hi" and "OMG that picture of your boys is SO stinkin cute!" New follower!

    1. Thank you so much Joy!! They are my heart but drive me crazy at the same time ;) Thanks for following along hope you enjoy!!! I loved your post about the nick names!!!