Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Danish? Pastry? Yummy!!

So you know how I had that big tub of Blueberries? Well I also had to use them for this yummy treat!! My husband absolutely LOVES this!! It's now a regular weekend breakfast for him. But being the nice wife I am (cough cough) I made it for him to have for breakfast for a couple mornings before work! (now I have the upper hand hahaha)

So I had found the original recipe on Pinterest it was for a blackberry one but we love our blueberries so I switched it! You can find the original recipe Here

But I'll also be nice & break it down here with tutorial of how I make it

So what you need is:

For filling:

1-can Pillsbury crescent rolls (spend the extra cents & do Pillsbury seriously I've tried diff store brands but for this it comes out best with Pillsbury)

1 8oz-pack cream cheese (softened)

3-Tbsp flour

1-tsp vanilla

1/2-cup sugar

1-Cup blueberries

For Icing:

1/2-cup powdered sugar

1/8-tsp vanilla

2-Tbsp heavy cream (or milk)

*Preheat oven to 375

*Roll out crescent roll dough & spread on baking sheet make sure to pinch all the dough together where you would normally separate to make crescent rolls

Beat cream cheese & sugar add vanilla & then flour spread on top of crescent rolls & top with blueberries


Next comes the fun part making it pretty: Ok so what you need to do is overlap the sides & pinch it together if any of the dough starts to separate just pinch it closed

Now that it's oven ready pop it in bake for 15-20 minutes till its nice & golden then take it out let it cool & drizzle the icing over & TADA!!! A super yummy tasty Danish or Pastry whichever you call it!

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