Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breastfeeding..I did if you don't.. So What!

Now with the whole week of Breastfeeding I've have seen a lot of status & posts & controversy!

First I will say I breastfed all of my boy's. I was lucky to be able to feed them all for their first year. And when I say Lucky I mean LUCKY!! Not everyone can do it! Not everyone wants to do it!

It's ok I support you!! I support you in whatever way you chose to feed your child. I support mom's too many tear each other down. WHY? Does it  make you feel better cause it shouldn't! Why should you care how another mother feeds her child? It's none of your DAMN business.

If you want to help do it in a nice way not a way that makes another mom feel bad (there is far too much aggression sometimes)

I was formula fed so was my husband so were my niece & nephew 2 of the smartest kids I know! Seriously they are!!

I chose to breastfeed I don't know why I guess honestly mainly because we were young didn't make much & it was free!! I got lucky it was Easy for ME! My kids latched my kids didn't make me bleed until they had teeth (ya that sucked) I didn't like pumping it was too much work & I could barely get anything out! Had I not had such an easy time I may have chose formula.

There is so much animosity on this subject breast feeders hate formula feeders or formula feeders hate breast feeders (well some  not all for each of these).

I have friends that formula feed and friends the breast feed I don't think either mom is a "better mom" for how they chose to feed their child! I look at the love and over all care for the child.

I'd like to help if  I can if you want to try breast feeding :

*Did you know a baby actually sucks harder than any pump? (cause I didn't at first)

I used to think I was drying up at times at first you can feel yourself fill up later you don't so it causes stress & it's scary! Stress can affect your supply.
* I drank a TON of water!!
*I ate Oatmeal
* I made Lactation cookies & those all helped ME! (they may not work for everyone)

It's what I chose & worked for me if it didn't for you it's fine! Your not a bad mom because you chose formula & I'm not a bad mom for breastfeeding! If you choose  to breastfeed longer than a year good for you (don't call them bad mom's either).

We all do what works for us & our kids. Why do you think there is the saying "Too Each Their Own" I don't understand why some people care so much what another mom does. Seriously get off your high horse! I don't give 2 you know what's, what you do if your kid is fed, loved & taken care of that is what matters!

Some mom's just need to keep their noses out of other mom's business. We are women we should support each other & build one another up & help each other. Not belittle & tear one another down!

So to the mom that formula fed I SUPPORT YOU!
To the breastfeeding mom I SUPPORT YOU!
To the extended breastfeeding mom I SUPPORT YOU!

Happy Breastfeeding week now can we all just Get Along?

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  1. I did both. I was lucky too. Yeah it hurt at first but I was able to do it. Not everyone can do it and no matter what our choice of the matter is, as long as you're feeding your kid that's all that matters. Madison did it the longest. 13 months with supplemental formula once she turned 6 months. It really isn't anyone's business but ours anyway how/what we do.

    1. Exactly :) I just wish women would stop judging others so harshly no matter how a child is fed a mother should not be judged! That's awesome Madison went 13 months the baby did 12 1/2 months other 2 were 11 1/2 months.

  2. Love it:) I completely agree. I nursed all 3 of my boys I'm actually still nursing my little guy. I can't stand when those who breastfeed put down those who formula feed and vic versa.

    1. Thanks Nicole :) that's exactly why I wrote this post I'm so sick of all the back & forth bashing. As long as I child is fed & cared & loved is what truly matters not how they are fed. Thanks for reading :)