Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gallbladder Surgery Turned Nightmare!!!

For those who didn't know I was in the hospital last week here's why:

So I had some issues with my stomach after a trip to Urgent Care & the ER & then to my primary Dr they found out it was my Gallbladder apparently mine only functioned at 8% and they said it needed to go!

I was fine with that I wanted to not feel sick to my stomach & not have horrible attacks & pains if I ate certain foods. I knew quite a few people that had theirs out & seemed to heal pretty quick. The surgeon said it was a routine procedure & after a couple day's I should be just fine. (Boy were they WRONG)

August 15th (Thursday) surgery day I was nervous about being put under as the only other surgery I ever had was my adenoids out when I was 2 so I remember nothing. I had 3 boys at home that needed me so I had to heal quick. Luckily my dad flew down to help us all out! Well I wake up in recovery and they said everything went great so couple hours later & home I went.

I was in horrible pain my back was killing me, I had this awful pain in my shoulders. I could not eat or sleep. I read and talked to some friends and it sounded like I was having pains from the gas that they pump into you to see to be able to remove the gallbladder ok well Ice packs it was & I'd have to have my husband or my dad rub my shoulders.

Friday- still not feeling so good & now I cant use the bathroom figured it was from the pain killers, I pretty much was a hermit & hid in my bedroom because I couldn't tolerate noise. My husband was trying to get me to eat. I'd eat like a bite or 2 of something and push it away! I did a lot of sleeping that day.

Saturday- it was my dad I and the 2 lil's they were napping hubby was running some errands when I just couldn't take much more and called the surgeon he said since I was so young I shouldn't be having such issues & suggested I go to the ER to have some tests run. So after a CT scan a CAT scan & a bunch of blood work they decided I was just really backed up & had a big air pocket in my intestine & needed different pain meds to help. So I was ordered to start drinking Mirilax even though I already had been & it was not helping at all.

Sunday- The surgeon called me to ask how I felt I said still the same he told me to come into the office first thing in the am for an appointment my abdomen was now swollen out & I looked 3-4 months pregnant.

Monday- I go into the office (my dad drove me & he stayed in the car with the kids) I walking as slow as a snail because I was in so much pain. To find out my bowels were shutting down (why I could not go to the bathroom). So I was being admitted back into the hospital. My best friend took me in because I didn't want my dad to have to drag all 3 of the boys in and she stayed with me till my husband got there (he had went into work). I had a 1 1/2 hour test run on me had blood work & an IV put in. Medicine to help stimulate my bowels which finally worked woohoo!!

Tuesday- I was feeling better & was going to the bathroom. The Surgeon comes in and asks how are you feeling I said better & I'm going to the bathroom (I figured I would be home that night) She looks at me says "That's great unfortunately it's not the end of the road for you" WAIT WAHT??? She told me I had a Leak and was going to need a endoscopy to put a stint in! Oh joy! So she called down few hours later a Dr comes up & tells me it's a very easy procedure & they don't fully put you under & that they put a tube down your throat with a camera & then thread a stint in there.

So couple hours later I'm downstairs getting prepped for that & back I go I remember the Dr explaining it all & then I was in recovery! Thank god it over... Wait, wait nope it's NOT!

Apparently I moved too much & they could not do the procedure so they were going to have to fully knock me out the next day to do the procedure are you FREAKING kidding me!!! Under 3 times in a week! Then my surgeon who took my gallbladder out suggested that since I was already going under maybe she should just go back in wash me out & insert a drainage tube. Also suggested that I have a NG tube put it to suck out any air or bile currently in my stomach!

So Tuesday at 9pm I had a lovely tube shoved down through my nose that went down my throat & into my stomach & yes I was fully awake during this chocking & it hurt. It was awful I could barley move my face b/c it would make the tube hurt my nose & it hurt to swallow & felt like I had this huge lump in my throat.

Here is a pic of the NG tube & the crap it was taking out if you have a weak stomach you may want to pass on looking!! I'm ending this part here & will continue the rest of the awful adventure tomorrow!!

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  1. I'm so sorry your having to go threw all that. It sucks big time trust me I've been there. I really hope they can get things sorted out and get you back to feeling good and home with your boys soon.