Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Letter To My Boys....

Ok so I'm having my Gallbladder surgery today (lil nervous) . Now because I have never had a surgery as an adult (I had my adenoids out at 2) I don't know what to expect & that makes me uneasy!
Do I think I will be fine YES! Do I think I'm going to Die NO! But you never know! I know it's a simple surgery & pretty much everyone & their mother has had it done it seems. But still just in case the worst happens I want my Boy's to have this So....

Dear Boys: My heart & my soul! The 3 most important things to me in my whole entire life!
I want you to know how much I LOVE you All!! I want you to know that I Love each one of you the same & could not be happier to have you call me mom! You are true blessings!
 Though there are day's you make me yell & I want to pull my hair out. You have even heard me say "That's It I Quit" or "I'm Running Away" Just know I never meant that. I could never "quit" or "run away" from any of you! I love you all far too much! All 3 of you are equally important to me & all equally special to me.

A: Oh A my 1st born the one who made me a momma! Do you know I waited 2 long years for you?(well more like 3 once finally pregnant). I thought at one point I'd never have you & when I just about lost hope, I found out you were growing in my belly! I thought at one point I was going to lose you, you gave me quite a scare. My pregnancy with you was one of the roughest & scariest times, because all I wanted was you to be safe & healthy!

Did you know I knew you were a boy? I did I could feel it! I was ecstatic I hoped you were a boy! & when I saw your picture to confirm what I already knew & felt I cried because I was so happy!! You were happy & healthy & growing! You wanted out you tried to come 7 weeks early & that was scary I did what the Dr told me quit my job & laid around to protect you! 4 weeks later you were born & when they put you on my chest it was the best day of my life!! You were crying I was crying! I was a mom all because of you!

A: You are an amazingly smart boy & you are my sweetheart everyday you hug & kiss me & tell me you love me! You Love baseball & wrestling & dressing up as a superhero to "save the world" One day you may just save the world! You can be stubborn & want things your way, but we usually can come to a compromise. Don't be too stubborn because you can not always have things you way.
 I know that whatever you chose to do in life you will do amazing. Keep your passion for Baseball  because you are great at it & boy you may just end up in the big leagues! I Love you A just know I always have & always will.

B: Oh B you crazy, wild, goofy child you!! You son can just about drive me to the brink of crazy!! You never slow down! You make me laugh daily you are so funny! You are also a sweet snugly boy! Your eyes oh B your eyes they are such amazing little eyes that tell how you are always thinking.  You son are also very smart!! Your little mind is going a million miles a minute! I know you will do amazing things one day. I also know you will make an amazing father one day you love babies & animals (mainly ducks).  You love to build things & knock them down. Maybe you will become a builder? But I can also see you playing football because you son are a bruiser & are tough!

B: Just know even in the day's when I put you in time out & you said "I no Like you momma" it didn't bother me it's normal,  you had to learn NO! It is hard to tell you no sometimes because your so stinking cute. But you need to learn I know what's best for you & everything I did for you was out of love! I Love you B just know I always have & always will!!

C: Oh C my precious sweet laid back blessing!! You son were a complete surprise, at first I was scared I didn't think I was ready for you! But the day you were born I knew you were meant to be here.  You have taught me to balance like I never have! You have taught me that my mother instinct is always right!! You have taught me that I could never imagine life without you! You had me scared like I have never been in my life when you got sick! You taught me I can't live without your sweet self! You son completed this family! I know some day's are hard for you cause I can see your still sore from the KD.  It will be stayed on top up & you will have a normal life sweet boy.

C: I know you will go far in life you already have a great personality, everyone that meets you instantly falls for you! Stay the sweet boy you are. You love to kick balls around I think you should try soccer some day. I Love you C I always have & always will

Boy's : Some day's you are the best of friends & others you are at each other's throats! Please never let anyone or anything come between you! Even when your in a fight you 3 still have a bond like I've never seen before. You are each other's best friends. You will have one another for life to share ups & downs & to lean on one another. Support each other, be there for each other. Be each other's biggest fan's. It's what I want for you all! 

Boy's NEVER let anyone tell you, you can't do something! Because I know you all can do whatever you put your mind too. Always think before you act! Make good choices & do the right thing. Be nice to everyone you never know what someone else is struggling with, however do not let people take advantage of your kindness.

My sweet silly crazy boy's I Love you with all my heart!! And am so proud to call you mine! I'm one proud momma and will love you all Forever!!

Your Mommy-
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    1. Thanks so much Blair :) surgery went good now just need to recover :) slowly but surley!

  2. Way to make me cry.. lol Glad recovery has been going well for you! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has said "I quit" a time or two ha ha :P

    Desiree @ Completebliss

    1. Sorry lol!! I was crying writing it! & oh ya times get tough & even though you feel like "quitting" you just keep on going :)