Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mom I'll Be Fine

So yesterday I sent my first born off to Kindergarten it was rough (well for me). My husband was so super excited for A to start his journey in school & A was so excited to go he had his backpack packed and ready to go!!

Unfortunately due to me being in the hospital I missed his orientation & I was in big crocodile tears over it. Daddy took him and met his teacher & they explored the school. Thankfully I was out of the hospital in time to be able to walk him into school on his first day.

A knew Exactly where to go! I was so impressed as I saw many other children wandering lost not sure & people guiding them where they needed to be. Not A though A was guiding me," here mom this way look for this color sign mom & then we turn".

"Here mom were here"!! Wait, wait let me take a picture before you go in & I get "MOM" oh man he's grown he doesn't need me :(

He walked right in said hello to his teacher right to his table took his backpack off & clipped it to his chair & it hit me SLAP! Guess what your baby is grown! He knows what he is doing he is smart & prepared & excited he's got this!!

I held back my tears because he was so happy & excited A told me "mom don't cry I'll be fine" SIGH yes son yes you will be fine I realize that you are more ready for this than me & I have to let go!

When we picked him up he had the hugest smile on his face & told us all about school and how much he loved it & he could not wait to go back tomorrow. It made me so happy yet I wished he'd of missed me.

Today was tough for me as well because he did not want me to walk him in he wanted to get out in the carpool lane! Who is this kid? Seriously! We were there a little too early so I ended up getting to walk him in hehe but I got "Mom I will be fine". Again it hits me I really have to let go he is not a baby anymore. So I told him ok tomorrow I will not walk you in I will let you get out in carpool line!

I will let him be big & let him be grown because it is what he wants I will take a step back & let go a little even though it hurts! I need to let him be independent. He can do this I know the child I raised. It's just hard to let go. But when he needs me for a scrape or a bump or anything else oh I'll be there full force.

Here are some pics of A's first day & a cake that the Hub's & I made for him to celebrate him starting Kindergarten!!

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  1. It's so hard! Mine started two weeks ago and is already adamant that I don't walk her to the bus (end of the driveway) and I can't meet her there either when she gets home. Oh and the bus thing, I was all prepped to drive her to school, but no she wants the bus.

    I don't like them growing up one bit!

    He looks so happy to be in class, he is so cute! It gets easier..a bit at least.

    1. It is hard Felicia! I can't believe how fast they grow :( He wants to ride the bus too but I had him transferred to a better school so I have to provide transportation which I'm more than fine with. Gives me some control still lol ;)

      Hope your little girl is enjoying school!! Thanks for stopping by