Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gallbladder Nightmare Part 2

So yesterday I left off finishing with talking about the wonderful NG tube! I actually tried to pull it out in my sleep! I had nightmares because of that awful thing! the nurse had to come in & shove it back in thank goodness I only pulled it out a little!

If you want to read from the start here is Part 1

So let's get to Wednesday the next surgery day:

Wednesday- Was the 2nd surgery day I'm in horrible pain from the leaking bile felt like I was being stabbed where my gallbladder used to be, I'm now throwing up from the stupid NG tube haven't had a real shower or washed my hair in 4 day's I felt disgusting & gross!

Finally at 2pm I'm taken down to surgery I had to use a bed pan to go to the bathroom (probably the most degrading thing ever to pee in a pan & have someone wipe you).  I get rolled back in to the OR & I'm thinking at this point my life's over (yes I know that's morbid but after all that I'd been through I was terrified that this time I was not waking up).

I wake up in my hospital room & see my husband mumble something & pass back out! I was so in & out of it! (oh they said they were going to take the NG tube out well guess what I woke up with it still in!) Now I also have a fun drainage tube!! Nothing like seeing a tube come out of your stomach & draining nasty fluid into a squeeze bottle BLAH!!!!!

I had nurses coming in and out & draining the tube & checking on me I barley slept! wasn't allowed to eat. (though I didn't want to anyways) I felt the worst I have ever felt in my entire life!

Thursday- I woke up feeling much better & got great news that the NG tube was coming out! I was so happy because that thing was worse then the drainage tube! So they pull that out (again completely awake) It hurts like heck & then my nose started gushing blood! AWESOME! My poor dad sitting there watching all of this! I felt bad for him he also was there when they put the tube in. I probably took a couple of years of his life that week because I could see the stress & worry in his face!

Once the tube was out I could talk & I instantly felt better, my nose stopped bleeding & I could resume a liquid diet (broth & jello & Popsicles oh boy).  I got to speak with the surgeons & apparently everything went well the stint in place & the wash out went well. Apparently there was quite a bit of bile.

My dad & husband would switch on and off coming to visit me while the other stayed with the boy's! I had to say goodbye to my dad that night because he was flying back home Friday early in the morning! None of us had anticipated for everything to go so wrong or we would have planned to have him stay longer. He didn't want to leave, I felt bad!

Friday- I was going to be able to go home!!!! 2 amazing nursing students washed my hair for me because at this point it was a greasy nasty mess! I felt like a different person after they washed my hair for me.  The surgeon came back in & told me before I left they were also going to remove the drainage tube because the stint was doing its job.

Again fully awake & not medicated they cut my stitches & had to pull the tube out of my stomach it was kind of a creepy weird feeling & also hurt! Really didn't enjoy feeling something sliding past my insides! I sat there breathing like I was breathing through a contraction! Finally out & I was glad that was over.  I was now able to have a meal of regular food they brought me French Toast & pineapple. It was like the best thing ever seeing as how I hadn't eaten anything normal in a week.

After going over all my discharge papers I was able to call the hubby to come get me. Finally I got to feel the sun on my face & see all of my boys!!! They were all yelling momma it was a great feeling. I missed them all so much! It was nice to be home in my own house & in my own bed.

I've been taking it easy since Friday, the hubby has been AMAZING as always!! He completely took over all chores cooking cleaning you name it he did it! Truly blessed to have him! If I tried to do stuff he would stop me. I'm finally feeling more like myself & it's been great.

I had a follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wed. & she took off my bandages & said things were healing well! I'm horribly bruised but at least no sign of infection or anything. She said the pains I am still having are normal & hopefully will go away soon. Now I have a follow up apt to talk about having the stint removed FUN FUN NOT!

I want to take a minute to tell you never take a Nurse for granted always be kind! They work so hard & I had some of the best people taking care of me & going out of their way to make me feel better. I had one lady who sat by my bed & just talked to me for a bit she would call me baby. She was the sweetest woman! I am amazed at the care they gave me & how nice they all were to me! They all told me I was a pleasure to take care of I made sure to thank them all every time they check on me!

Their job is far from easy they do so much & see so much yet they never make you feel ashamed its normal to them. I appreciate all their help & well wishes! Please make sure you thank a nurse whenever you or a loved one is being taken care of they deserve it!

Will keep you posted on the stint removal though I really was hoping it would be a bit longer before I saw the inside of another surgeons office Sigh*

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