Friday, August 9, 2013

Robin Hood Saves The Princess & A Suprise

So today (well yesterday when you read this) started as any normal day at this Circus!! Wake up to hear little footsteps! Look at the clock 6:30! Really Kid?? You were just sleeping till 8 everyday while on vacation but now that were home your back up at the bum crack of dawn! Oh well that's life!

Get up get the coffee pot started & make the Milk cups 3. Two have to have a little chocolate syrup (thanks dear husband for addicting our children to that) but the baby is not going down that road! Get them each a little bowl of dry cereal, they like to snack while I'm making their actual breakfast! Today was mini bagels & bananas. Get the baby changed & now they are all eating & watching Mickey Mouse.

Ok time for mommy to wake up. Coffee!!!! Little Internet & eat something. Then let the day begin....

So it was pouring rain here at one point today so that meant not going outside & we had been running all week to apts & such so today was lazy day anyways perfect day to rain. Except inside all day makes my boy's a lil CRAZY!! We played Legos & built with blocks & knocked down towers. The BFF came over with my godson & I held that sweet boy cause I had MISSED his chunky butt!! Well after lunch & a ton of laughs the BFF & sweet boy left! Naps were over & once again needed something to do!

People always ask me having 3 boy's if I am going to try for a Girl um I wasn't trying for my 3rd thanks! So NO!!! Wait HELL NO! I am beyond happy with my 3 blessings! I could not be happier. I get the but you can't do their hair...

 Actually I spike my son's hair problem solved!

You can't play Tea Party nope but we can play trucks & dinos & smash crap WAY more fun!

You can't play dress up.... UM actually I can! Insert Robin Hood & the Princess folks!

My boy's love putting on costumes! They Love to be super hero's & save the world!! Sometimes I am a super hero too & we save the world together! Today I asked can I be a princess??

A said "mom I don't have a princess costume"

Have no fear son mommy's got one! So I dressed up as the princess & A as Robin Hood & he had to save me from a huge black panther & a forest of dinosaurs! He came running with his foam hammer & he smashed them all to rescue the princess from her chair cave!!! He had a blast his brothers laughing & running along with him!

We all know boy's love their momma & even at a young age are protective of them so they were all for helping save mommy & if it meant running jumping & smashing too yep sold Awesome mom in their eyes today!

        A & I after he saved me!! (that's the crown from my wedding I'm not a total whack-a-doodle)

Later they were able to play outside which allowed me to get dinner prepped!

So onto that SURPRISE: well after I got the baby up from his second nap I changed him he had a bit of a rash so I figured ok let him air dry for a few! Well then I got distracted by something & then I started washing some dishes & as I'm standing at the sink I smell something.... Is that poop? Hmm.. Oh well I do need to take the trash out that has to be it!

Nope.. Nope.. that poop smell is pretty strong & then I see little naked butt cheeks crap! I forgot I never put a diaper back on him so now I'm looking for it... Yep there it lies on the floor POOP! A nice big old Turd! Face Palm! Thankfully it was on the wood & not on carpet! So ya I need to not be so scatter brained! I have a serious problem starting something & then moving to something else.

So that was our day! Have you ever had a poop incident? Do you play dress up with your kids?
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  1. I've had the joy of hanging with 3 boys all day. one being 2 yrs old and 2 being twins of age 4 mths. (now 5 mths) it's a tiring job. More power to you hun for doing it all. Little boys are the sweetest. I'm a sucker for em. :D

    1. Awe some sweet little you got to hang with!! Thanks they tire me out but I just love em they really are the sweetest. :) thanks for reading :)

  2. I just realized that my comment never made it on here.. lost in the abyss of the internet somewhere.. damn google+ on my phone.. We just had this happen with lil man and the poop! I let him air out after a diaper, forgot about it.. then I hear Chad say "WHAT IS THAT? WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT POOP!?!" sure enough.. right there on the floor and ALL over his hands... I'm just glad I got him into the bath before he got it into his mouth.. sick lol

    1. Oh man Desiree ya poop on the hands is never good!! Glad you caught it on time :) Crazy kids!! It's so easy to forget to put a diaper back on we always have a million things to do!

  3. Oh for sure! Then a few days later I was watching him play with his toys (I know sounds creepy like im a baby stalker or something, but I like to watch him when he thinks nobody is looking to see how he acts). See him squat/grunt, sit down and pry open the side of his diaper! He was trying to stick his hands in there!! Good thing I was watching him and not taking a pee or something myself.. that could have turned out horrible :/