Monday, July 15, 2013

And The Outcome Is.....

GOOD!!! So you may be wondering what am I talking about! Well I am talking about my son's 6 week follow up with his cardiologist! He was in the hospital 6 weeks ago because he had been diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease.

He had an echo cardiogram when he was in the hospital everything looked perfect, then at his 2 week follow up appointment he had enlargement to his left coronary artery (aneurysm ).

Today was his 6 week follow up & I was nervous and had a twisted stomach all day. We got there & they were running behind (it happens). They first did height & weight little stinker is almost 20lbs & is a little over 29 inches tall! Then they did an EKG on him. The nurse was so sweet & was blowing bubbles to keep him still!

Then came time for the echo & boy was I nervous this is where we would get an answer to what was going on with lil man's heart! Once the lady was done it was back to the exam room & wait for the Dr to review (it seemed like forever).

In came the Dr with GOOD news his aneurysm had shrunk down & he felt comfortable taking him off of his aspirin. WOOHOO!!! No more pumping aspirin into my little guy
& his heart was returning to normal!! We go back in 8 weeks!!

Now I still have some concerns about his joints so we will have to have a follow up with his normal pediatrician but for now I am one happy momma!!

Oh we also had a house showing today we literally got home within 15 minutes before they were scheduled to come so we had to load up the other 2 kids & the dog. The people were early so everything was not as perfect as I wanted to be but ya win some & lose some so we shall see what happens.

Now I can enjoy our trip to Busch Gardens & to NY (Western NY Buffalo area). Thanks to all that have been thinking or praying for my little guy means a lot!!
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