Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun in the Sun & No son that is Not an Easter Egg!

Yesterday was a busy but fun day! It started out with a trip to a surgeons office for myself (yippee skippy). I've had some issues & the Dr thought it was my gallbladder! Turns out it is & its only  working 8% (Thanks for your hard work stupid organ!) . So she wanted me to have surgery next week BUT... were planning a trip back home & to Busch Gardens so stupid organ I mean gallbladder has to wait!

After I left there it was time to head to Wally World (Walmart)! I needed some milk & eggs & some swim stuff for the boy's we were having a pool play date with friends!

This was Caresn's 1st time swimming he LOVED it he just floated happily around in a float the whole time! Aiden (5) was busy playing with his lil gal pal :)

Brycen was having a blast climbing in & out & kicking his legs he let me hold him a few times, he ran around the backyard & then the nudist came out! Stripped his bathing suit right off & was not putting it back on! Luckily my friends know my Wild child well & they could have cared less they got a kick out of his little naked behind! I said Brycen when we get home you will have to tell dad you were the naked swimmer.

So Brycen screams "daddy I da naked swimmer" I'm sure their neighbors loved that! Oye!

Well then little nuddie pants figured out jumping into the pool was a blast so then for about 1/2 straight I stood catching Brycen while he jumped to me he was laughing & kept saying "again momma again" (whatever makes the kid happy).

Then it came time... time for epic meltdowns because they were tired you know then it's time to pack your sheet & go! So we did!  The older 2 fell asleep on the ride & the baby was playing with his feet & the last 5 mins home was screaming he wanted his bed! So in his bed he went  & passed out.

The hubs had a softball game so it was a dinner free for all at our house! After dinner we did baths to rinse off the chlorine & then I decided to make brownies.

As I crack the 2 eggs & throw the shells in the garbage I quickly wash my hands to turn around & see Brycen & Carsen each with an egg in their hand trying to bite into them.

My response: "are you flipping crazy you cant eat those"

Brycen: "candy momma"

Me: "no honey those are not Easter eggs & you can not eat them"

Let's hope no one gets salmonella! No they didn't get them open thank goodness!

I swear I can't turn my back for 2 seconds with those two one is as bad as the other! The little one Watches EVERYTHING!!! I am so screwed!

So we had a fun day in the sun & enjoyed some brownies :)


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