Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holy Heart Attack

So you know those moments when your shopping & your kid decides to hide in the clothes & you have a panic attack because you cant find them? Or the sheer terror when you turn & they are not there because they walked to the opposite side of where they just were?

Being a parent is so scary & the other day was no exception! We were home & I have chain locks on both doors because I don't want my kids to wander outside if I go to the bathroom!

So the other day I ran to the bathroom & came out & Brycen was NO where to be found! I started panicking & yelling for him I looked at both doors & they were locked ok he is not outside!

I checked in closets, under beds in my garage we have a cat door that goes out to the garage which sometimes he thinks is funny to go out!

I turn on the garage light & look & NO where do I see him! My heart is racing I'm yelling for him, my husband walks in the door & I say I cant find Brycen anywhere he starts calling him & looking all over.

Finally back to the garage I go & where is Brycen hiding behind the ladder up against the wall!! All this time quiet as can be does not make a peep! He was safe the entire time & then when I say Brycen I've been looking for you he just starts laughing!

Seriously how does a 2 year old stay so quiet? He is not a quiet child at all!! He will make an excellent hide & seek player because NO one could find him!

I swear my heart was racing for an hour still after that! Even though I knew he was not outside just the fact I couldn't see him for a couple minutes & he didn't answer me made me panic!

That boy will be the Death of me!!!

Has your child ever caused you a panic attack?



  1. Ohhh, Candice, I am sorry! I know exactly how it feels: the total panic that comes immediately. Good thing you found him OK: he is a cutie ;)

    1. Thanks so much Laura! I swear they live to give me grey hair haha!! I'm just so glad he was safe!
      ~My Little Circus & Me