Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hide A Veggie!!

So my kids are complete fruit addicts! They LOVE pretty much any fruit, so I never have an issue getting them to eat that Vegetables on the other hand?

The baby will eat anything he just likes food he's our little garbage disposable! Aiden (oldest) will eat sweet potatoes & broccoli and that is it. Brycen (middle) ya he wont eat any veggie he picks it up & will either try it & then spit it out & put it on YOUR plate or he smells it says I don't like it & put's it on your plate! If he does not like something he can not allow it to be on his plate.

So I always worry that they don't get enough veggies! Well since my kids are such fruit addicts & they enjoy fruit smoothies, I decided to trick them & sneak a veggie into it (hahahaha).

The other day I made them a mixed berry smoothie using:
~ 1/2 a banana
~ I'd say 2 cups of frozen mixed berries
~ A little bit of milk
~ Couple spoonful's of Strawberry Greek yogurt
~2 -2 1/2 cups fresh spinach

I blended it up & poured them all a glass & they all drank it WINNING!!!!

I really want to buy a juicer & then add like carrot juice to it!

It's something so easy to make & healthy & great way to hide a veggie!


They sure loved them! Do you give your kids smoothies? If not try it :)



  1. I can't get my son to drink a smoothie BUT put it in a popsicle mold and we are golden!

    1. That is an awesome idea Ann!! Perfect for these hot summer day's!! I may have to try that as well. Thanks :)
      ~my little circus & me