Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Indoor Mud Pies & Kool Aid Dough!

So it has rained here in good old NC for 11 day's straight! I am OVER it & so are my boy's! They love to be outside so with all this rain & storming  it is making it impossible. So as promised I have 2 DIY fun projects for kids!

I talk with one of my best friends back home in good old Western NY often! We were chatting via text this am & she was like maybe you should go out & make mud pies! (cute idea except our house is for sale so if we start digging in the yard my husband would have a FIT!)

So we started brainstorming & what did we think of... Pinterest of course. DIY inside mud pies!!
Almost Unschoolers is where I got the idea :)

You Need:

*A roll of toilet paper

*Bar of soap

*Food color


Unroll the TP & shred it, grate the soap, put the soap on top of TP & add food color, next add hot water a little at a time *you don't want it soupy*

We tried to get a brown & it just wasn't working for us lol but my boy's didn't care!
Let The kids have fun :)

Sometimes one of my boy's will get bored with one thing so it's always good if I can have 2 projects so they can bounce back & forth!

The second project we did was DIY Kool Aid Play dough! I have posted other diy Dough's you can find them here:
I liked those dough's which were made with corn starch but they were still a little messy! This dough is not messy at all I even let the baby play with it. (he tried to eat it but it's safe)
I found this dough thanks to:

For this dough you need:
1cup of flour
1/4 cup salt
1 packet Kool aid
1 Tbsp oil
2/3 cup water *you may only need 1/2 cup* I used almost the whole 2/3

Mix flour, salt & Kool aid
Boil oil & water then mix slowly into dry ingredients until you have play dough consistency!

It smells amazing & the boy's played with it for quite awhile!! I plan to make more in different colors!

So there you have it 2 easy rainy day projects to entertain kids :)
Have fun!!


  1. Hello!

    Where in Western NY are you from? My mom's whole family is from the Utica area (Hamilton to be exact) and my sister lives in Baldwinsville.

    Anyway, those mud pies were brave! But it looks like everyone had fun.


    1. Thanks so much Shauna! My mom said same thing lol! I had to do something different for my crazy crew!

      My husband & I are both from smaller towns outside of Buffalo he is from Lockport & I am from Akron(it's so small)

      Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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  3. Stopped on by after I saw your comment. :) What a fun idea! I can't wait until my daughter is older, so that she can enjoy things like this. I'm also from NY(Eastern) living in NC(Triangle), btw! :)

    -Andrea, Mom Imperfect.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Andrea :) I bet your daughter would love this they say it's great for sensory play! That is so funny that your from NY & now in NC too! I really miss NY do you?
      ~My Little Circus & Me