Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cat scratcher turned Towel holder!

So check this out I had this cat scratcher that you could hang from a door (we adopted a kitty a few months ago) I didn't want her scratching my furniture so I thought this might help. Well I was wrong she never used it! (glad it was only like $5)

Anyhow I have been re-doing my master bathroom because I came to hate everything about it wall color shower curtain! It all started when we replaced the floor! I would love to change the mirror & vanity but we are trying to sell our house so I don't want to fork out the money (there is nothing wrong with either I'm just bored).

So I've seen others make cute towel holders rather than the normal towel rings. Well one of my dearest friends she's pretty well known she has her own blog & it's super amazing you can check her out here: LIZ  she has made some super cute Mason Jar holder's! I inspire to be like her she is so creative.

I told my husband I wanted to make a towel holder & use a Mason Jar for Q-tips. (my hubby is an avid q-tip user & they get spilled all under the vanity).

So he loved the idea & started brainstorming I was ready to head to Lowe's for paint & the wood when his little light bulb went off! He said lets use the wood from the cat scratcher! (he hated that thing from the second I bought it).

It had like a piece of carpet covering it & then rope wrapped around & stapled to it so he got out his tools & ripped everything off & then I took a razor & scrapped off all the glue.

He then lightly sanded it for me (he is so sweet). We had a little Mason Jar already so we just needed paint, a pipe clamp, a hook & a screw & bolt.

So off to Lowe's for it all, came home I painted the wood & once it dried Professor Awesome (he told me to call him that, he's a nerd) got to all the hard work! He drilled a hole in the glass & he mounted it to the wood (I should have took pics during all this I was not thinking sorry).

We actually just used a nickel colored command strip for the towel holder (I can change it if I like or if we have to leave the towel holder when we move it was cheap).

I don't have my own picture of what it originally looked like but I googled & this is almost identical to what it originally looked like before we started:

Here is the link to the picture I found on google I wanted you to get the full affect!

So here it is after we stripped it & sanded it:

And this is it now:

I'm in love!!! What do you think? I have some other little changes for my bathroom & once it's finished I will show it all (so stay tuned for that).

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